Black & Read Music, Books & Games
7821 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO 80003, United States
Black & Read Music, Books & Games
Review №1

Black and Read is an amazing treasure hunt for anyone that loves discovering new board games. My husband and I go there most weekends, yet, somehow, the shelves always seemed stocked with new games. The staff is super helpful and friendly. They even play great music! Can’t recommend highly enough!

Review №2

The quintessential place to go for used books and music in the Denver metro. The smell on entering alone is enough to evoke memories of the past.

Review №3

Wow! What an incredible selection and variety of music, books and games. It is its own adventure searching through the store to see the different choices that are available. You can spend a lot of time finding new forms of entertainment and old memories from previous experiences in your past and the artifacts that exists in the store. Definitely worth your time to take a visit and see what treasures you can find.

Review №4

My kind of place. When I walked in, a woman was carrying a stack of Conan the Barbarian novels half her height up to the counter, and the man at the register (either a very long time employee or perhaps one of the owners) proceeded to talk Conan with her for about 5 minutes. Right after that, a family with their kids had the father carrying and equally ludicrous sized stack of board games to add to their collection. The man behind the counter was incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable of all genres and games. A real delight to talk to.Albums, comics, tons of books and board games, and plenty of accessories for all of the above. Deviously easy to spend several hours here and several hundred dollars. For my first visit my partner and I got three board games, two of which were on sale, (one was opened but totally unplayed, everything still in original plastic wrapping and bags, $20 (30%!) off!), the third was an obscure indie game that has been great! Definitely going to be my go to spot for D&D, board games, and much more from now on.

Review №5

This place can be a little intimidating at first but once you start looking around it have a lot of hidden gems. Tons of books, games, music and so much more. The shelves are packed with some much that it is easy to get lost in it all. We only scratched the surface of what this store has to offer. We will be back to find a new treasure.

Review №6

I love this place so much! Its like the best, super-nerdy hoarders house. 😋I always find something I love here.So many great books, movies, TABLETOP GAMES 🥰, accessories, etc...And dont even get me started on the Music Half of Black and Read.So amazing! 😁

Review №7

My new store for everything fun!I originally need a specific card sleeve for a friend and found they have them. I asked how many they had in stock they were out. They quickly reordered some and made sure I got some. When I went to pick them up, I wanted to try a new game for camping and they walked me around showing me suggestions. They were very patient with me.I now use them for my marvel champions preorders and will spend even more time finding more great games from their huge selections. Glad I found Black and Read!

Review №8

What an awesome place to bring back amazing memories from the past. My love in life has always been listening to music. As a kid I would buy a new album or cassette tape every payday. This place has so much cool stuff you can literally spend hours and hours here. Mikey is totally cool and has the same love for music as I do. I would definitely recommend checking this place out. Hope it brings back as many fond memories for you as it has for me.

Review №9

I love this place. My grandmother started taking me there when I was a kid. Forever ago. You walk in and it is chaos. You could get lost for hours looking for treasures.

Review №10

This place is amazing. I loved browsing the vinyl enough to come back for that alone, but then I rounded the corner to the overwhelming selection of new & used board games. A must-visit destination for game fanatics!

Review №11

This store is a treasure trove of obscure and reasonably priced games, books and music. The store is full to bursting, adding to the treasure hunter vibe. I can spend more time here than I realized I was going to and go home with awesome finds. Definitely a great time!

Review №12

I love this place! I could spend hours browsing the shelves looking for lost treasures, but the staff is super friendly and willing to help if youre looking for something specific.

Review №13

Fun store, nice and knowledgeable staff. Just wish they had a better selection.

Review №14

HOLY MOLY THIS PLACE IS A TIME MACHINE!!Everything you need for UNPLUGGED gaming.Were puzzle types and found a good supply near the front of the store.

Review №15

Great store with lots of awesome stuff. however there was an older gentleman who seemed incredibly put off when we had to ask for pricing on an item that did not have a price tag. Ended up leaving the store because how uncomfortable I was.

Review №16

First time in, Ill have to say the place is gigantic.. I will need to go back soon when I have more time.. I pretty sure if you need it they have it, staff is also very knowledgeable and helpful.. 5 🌟 stars!

Review №17

Dog eared fiction of every category. Hard cover hard to find books. Half this store is music! Waist deep lost vinyl, posters, arcane box sets and books.

Review №18

Its hard to say whether this is a five-star place or not, but really for board game selection its one of the only good games in town. There are so many discounted and used games you can really pick up a collection on the cheap. New games are also cheaper than your standard full MSRP brick and mortar store and they do have one of the better selections in town. There are some downsides however. The store is pretty packed full and can be hard to navigate if you dont know where to look. The staff is also a bit hard to find and theres really only one board game expert that Ive seen.

Review №19

Careful! Walked int I buy records as usual, and didnt make it past the door. Not one person was wearing a mask in there!! Wont be back anymore. Ised to be a staple, but theres lots of new record stores in the area and Ill gladly start exploring.. Sucks when record stores lose loyal vinyl customers..

Review №20

One of my favorite nerd stores!!! Anytime Im anywhere near Denver I usually make an excuse to go to black and read. Great selection of Games,Comics, and Novels, along with all sorts of gaming accoutrements. There is a vast music side as well that I havent given nearly enough attention due to the overwhelming amount of nerd content.

Review №21

This place is amazing. It takes a lot of self control not to walk out spending too much.

Review №22

Absolutely huge selection of used books, board games, music, comics... You could spend multiple hours in here easily. Good luck not walking out of here without buying something!

Review №23

Have loved this shop and shopping there over the past 30 years. So many good books to choose from and even harder to find stuff at great prices. Now I get to bring my wife and kids and theres something for all of us from novels, kid books, roleplaying books, movies and comics! So happy youve been around all these years, thanks for all you do!

Review №24

What can I possibly say about my favorite store on earth? If you like books or games or music or fun, this store is a must visit.

Review №25

Eclectic store that caters to a lot of nerdy endeavors. One of my first stops for board games or any type of trading card. Love the old book atmosphere as well.

Review №26

Absolutely LOVE this store! Best used and new Gaming.

Review №27

Its hard to find eclectic places like these. I love the fact that you can have obscure books, vinyl records, and a treasure trove of board games all under one roof.

Review №28

Theyve got it all! Great vinyl inventory and cds.

Review №29

Great books, great games and friendly staff and management!

Review №30

This place serves a huge purpose of old books some new and some huge selection of gaming books from D&d and on ward they have books music and alot of movies some things that you might not find any where else.I see this as a really good place to find things your looking for..... Great place

Review №31

I absolutely LOVE this place. It has every board game imaginable, tons of used books and an entire half of the store devoted to music and records. Its one of those lovely local spots with every nook and cranny filled to the brim, the kind of place you can browse for hours if youre not careful.

Review №32

Omg they have the best selection of used books, games and records. Also awesome selection of new board games!

Review №33

I love this store! Records, books, a true treasure trove. If you love any of the above, you must visit this store!

Review №34

Oh snaps, this place was awesome. Found an Obituary concert dvd for cheap. Got some old movies i was looking all around for. Real cool employees. Definitely, a place for audiophiles and movie buffs to wander in for hours.

Review №35

Such a special store. Truly magical and educational. So glad it exists!

Review №36

Great place for books and board games. Vintage DVD and video games. Plenty cd, tapes and vinyl also

Review №37

An amazing store! Huge selections of board games, ttrpgs, records, and books. It can be a little cluttered at times but that’s due to the sheer amount of product they have! Only real downside, they don’t have a public restroom, so you have to use the one at the neighbouring Target.

Review №38

A true Colorado institution, I love this place! I can always find something that needs to come home with me.

Review №39

The staff were very nice and it was fun looking at and buying some classic vinyl.

Review №40

This place has been a staple in my life for more than half of it. Eighteen years ago was the fateful day I walked through those doors and an entire world was before me. I only wish I could go more often.

Review №41

The best selection of board games Ive ever seen with a friendly and helpful staff to boot!

Review №42

I love this place! I could spend hours browsing the games and comics– and thats just a quarter of the store. Im a big fan of RPGs and I try to drop in when I visit because there is always a hidden treasure somewhere on the shelves.

Review №43

Holy wowzers! Soooo many games, books, videos, DvDs, and various other categories. I went there for the games with a group, and I think we spent 2-3 hours looking. The volume is nuts! I could have spent even longer just browsing the selection.

Review №44

Fantastical collection of dice, games, books and so much more!

Review №45

Great place! Wide selection and friendly staff!

Review №46

Great store, absolute ton of good used LPs. Picked up 8 for $30! Also has CDs, movies, games, posters, memorabilia. Vinyl section is well curated. A+

Review №47

I love going to this store its fun and they have a huge selection. However, dont go on Saturdays.They have a staff member who works the book area on Saturday and if you bring in some books to trade in he will let you know loudly that he wished you hadnt. Phrases I have heard:1. God I dont want to do this.2. You cant just bring books in. (As far as I know you can)3. You need to call ahead! (As far as I know you dont)4. Saturday is our busiest day. I cant be dealing with trade ins!Look I get it. This is a small business and its easy to get swamped. If you need to set up a system where you call ahead an reserve a spot for trade ins, cool. If you need to make a rule that there are no trade ins on Saturday, great Im down. But please dont stick a grumpy guy up front who is going to sigh, moan and chastise me for coming in with books to trade in.I try to always spend more money then the trade in value. I want to give you my business please dont yell at me for it.

Review №48

First off, nobody wants to hear what you think of their organization skills, LOL. If you want a big chain store shopping experience then go to a corporate store. If you love the magic of hunting in antique malls,thrift stores and garage sales, looking for hidden gems of yesteryear and the latest games of today you should give this amazing Colorado institution a couple hours of your weekend! If youre over the age of 30 prepare for an overwhelming flood of nostalgia. So many things that took me back in time almost cried, lol. Games, music, movies, toys, clothes and so much more! They need to pay me for this ad! 🤪🤙🪅

Review №49

I have been getting lost in their stack of the coolest merch for decades now. Anything cool, from rpg games to cool books to punk records and even old playboys. Dont go in there if you are on a time crunch or have moderate OCD because the chaos of the inventory can be overwhelming

Review №50

Been going here for Years. Love this place. Good place to find comic books and old vintage stuff

Review №51

Simply one of the best places to go as a nerd in Colorado. For reading, for learning, for gaming, for music...if you want it they’ll probably have it and at a fair price.

Review №52

All I can speak to is the book side, where the selection is exceptional and the prices are great. The classic fiction section is really well stocked and pretty much always you can find the exact book you came looking for (I dont know what this pattern even means and if it says something about this store or about the readers of Arvada, but for some reason the Faulkner shelf is always completely full... go figure).

Review №53

Coolest place in all of arvada. If you dont go here you are missing out on life.

Review №54

Hidden gem. There are a lot of cool things this place has for sale. The atmosphere here is different then what you would find anywhere else.

Review №55

Super neat store with all kinds of awesome things, not just music. If you are in to board/RPG board games they have everything you need.

Review №56

Too many I want and not enough money. And I didnt realize how much I missed the smell of books and the joy of good music.

Review №57

It was wonderful...they had everything I wanted and more. I left with an empty wallet and full bags! It was worth the 260 mile trip and look forward to going there again soon.

Review №58

Great places to look for hard to find used books and music. The folks are nice and helpful. Seek and you may find!

Review №59

Been coming to Black and Read since high school. Number one place to find stacks of role playing books, and odd obscura... a local treasure!

Review №60

Always a ton of stuff to find here and the staff of super friendly. I love this place!

Review №61

Step back over 30 years of history. Highly recommend!

Review №62

I’ve been coming here since 1994 when it was just Danny there. This is the best place to find almost anything, you just gotta be ready to do some digging.It doesn’t matter if it’s a new CD, or looking for a used DVD, finding a unique gift, or selling some vinyl, I have never left there empty hand.Danny will be missed.

Review №63

This store is a true hidden gem. They have almost every modern board game in stock at a 20% discount, a massive used tabletop rpg book collection, and so much more for gaming hobbyists. I didnt even get to see everything in my 60 minute stay there, Mainly due to the shelves being completed filled with a huge variety of games. Truly a feast for the gaming enthusiast.Their book and Blu-ray/DVD collection is also very extensive.

Review №64

Love this place! Great variety of music (cds, records, tapes) and great variety of books. Fun place to browse and shop! Staff is always friendly and willing to help you find what you are looking for!

Review №65

Great place to go for D&D items. I go for dice and books. Also sell music in different forms, CD, tapes, and records.

Review №66

Great vinyl selection. Reasonable prices.

Review №67

Awesome staff, amazing selection and great prices. Hands down my favorite place for games. Really good vinyl and book selections too.

Review №68

I absolutely love this place. Stopped while visiting family in the Denver area and was pleasantly surprised by the large inventory of books and vinyl records. The wife loves old books and I love old records. Needless to say, we spent a couple of hours browsing and came out with a stack of treasures. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll make time to stop in again.

Review №69

Packed to the hills with books and movies, music and games! Good prices and good service.

Review №70

Great place to find extremely rare stuff music and media, movies, books, cassettes and vinyl

Review №71

Great local game & book store. Good selection of used sci-fi/fantasy paperbacks, and a great selection of RPG books. Everythings a bit of a mess but for the most part its categorized.

Review №72

Always has something fun, tons of board games and manga you might want to read! I just got my Cain series and I am very glad!

Review №73

I have been a customer since 1995 and it is one of the best sources for hard to find things.

Review №74

Always awesome.

Review №75

I just read that the owner has recently passed away. God, I hope Black & Read stays in business. I never new the man, but his manager and I, I assume that would be Mr. Baca, have shared a long affinity for Frank Zappa. Most of my LP and CD purchases over the last 20 years have been made there, not to mention books, gaming supplies stickers and posters. I bought a GIANT sized poster of Rush shortly after Neils death...Killer find...Great price. Ive been trying to talk him into dismantling the front shelves for years so I can purchase the Missing Persons poster in the window. This is one of my most favorite places on earth. When I go, I spend two hours, minimum. My kids have been buying me gift certificates for Fathers Day since they were born. Let me know when that poster has been liberated, Mr. Baca, and Ill come and spend a couple more hours at this outstanding establishment.

Review №76

Tons of inventory, but tends to be disorganized so it might take a little time to find what you want.

Review №77

This has been one of may favorite stores for years! Every time you enter it is like walking into a treasure chest of new things. Books, music, board games, and so many other random surprises. With an amazing and very helpful staff - this store is a must see for anyone who enjoys the geekier side of life.

Review №78

Amazing game, book and dice selection with great folks running the shop!

Review №79

Great place for new and used board games!

Review №80

Incredible prices huge selection of board games. Brought a friend whos super obsessed with board games from Texas and he was in awee

Review №81

Love this place. If you dont mind looking for a while, but awesome used games and books, not to mention the music.

Review №82

Lots of hours spent looking through albums. Always pretty friendly staff.

Review №83

They have all of the music and books one might desire

Review №84

Great prices on CDs and recordes.

Review №85

Excellent shop 4 all your music

Review №86

I love going and spending time here! Local business, and intense nerd store. Precisely the kind of place to go to find obscure albums, tapes and cds, posters and books. My personal favourite is the table top and board games section of the store, I could spend hours reading box art and finding cool games to take to game night. Ive bought a good part of my library at Black and Read and I recommend it to anyone! Family and friends alike.

Review №87

Great place for vinyl, books, posters, shirts, yada

Review №88

This place has a lot of used books,video tapes,games,vinyl albums,cds and dvds. The only complaint is much of it is pricy.

Review №89

Ive known it forever since my kids were little and theyre 45 and 42

Review №90

Great place for albums and hard to find music!!!

Review №91

I love, love, love this place.. Come here for books music and tarot cards.

Review №92

Ive been coming here since high school for great books, movies and games. Always friendly!

Review №93

Love this store always a crazy good selection of books music games and movies staff is super helpful and great prices

Review №94

The Best of the Best!! Mikey makes your visit and experience that much more with his Knowledge and expertise. Your mind will surely be BLOWN AWAY!

Review №95

Though real collectables are a bit pricey...The search experience is rewarding.A great stock of Vinyl to look through.

Review №96

Great rare finds!

Review №97

Awesomeness in every conceivable way!

Review №98

Amazing selection of all types of media.A day trip, for sure!

Review №99

Lots of books and cds but kinda unorganized and the pricing was hard to figure out

Review №100

Great inventory of vinyl, movies, books, and games among a lot of other stuff!

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