Fleet Farm
3035 W Wisconsin Ave, Appleton, WI 54914, United States
Fleet Farm
Review №1

Fleet Farm, as a company, has become a joke. Ever since they ceased to be a Wisconsin owned company, the quality of customer service, product and inventory has dropped significantly. If you go there looking for 1 thing, youre better off buying it online and waiting the extra day for it to be shipped. It used to be, if they dont have it, you dont need it. Now its if you need it they dont have it. So disappointed, used to be my favorite store.

Review №2

Shopper Beware!!! I gave Fleet Farm a second chance. That was my mistake. The first time I placed a livestock feed order. Went to pick it up 2 hours later after receiving an email. Then I find out that they did not have all of my order. They said the computers were wrong. I needed to go in the store to have my order redone.The second strike...Placed an online order for livestock feed. After 3 hours I went to pick up the order thinking it should be ready. I was told the leave and dont come back until I received an email. I asked what time did they think. I was told they had no idea but to be safe wait until tomorrow. At this point they had already pulled the money from my account. To cancel the order would be an extra hour-plus of driving.All I got was that they were busy. We are all busy. Time to find a new supplier and feed for the animals.

Review №3

Didnt have a big selection on winter coats but for everything else its a great store with great employees 👍

Review №4

Very good merchandise there. Management there is absolutely horrible people are 10-15 deep in line at the cash registers oh, there is Fleet Farm employees walking around that do not even help, the employees that see these lines this deep should jump on a register right away to help out. Stop making customers wait forever to check cannot rate this there is no 0

Review №5

Always love this place and try to stop here every time I come back to visit family. Always such fun things to find since it feels you can find almost anything here 🙂

Review №6

The ultimate mans store. If they dont have what you want, chances are you dont need it.

Review №7

Great place good selection good prices freindly staff clean store spacious aisles I was looking for a certain Milwaukee fuel cordless tool kit that they didnt have in stock the lady at the service desk was more then happy to look it up Im the system and let me know what the closet store that had one in stock was

Review №8

Waited way to long for our table and food! Food was good but wait was way to long!

Review №9

If you wanna buy a gun, come here. but have a spare hour or two because the gun counter guy is very knowledgeable. any question you want = answered.

Review №10

I dont have problems with Fleet Farm. Just 2 worker that I asked where can I find. One said to me, do I have to show u? Very rude. I said no if u know whats isle and I can go from there. Next person I asked about whats is good stuff to put on strawberry. She said I dont know, read it and walk away. Thats is not very good person. I dont care if that had a bad day. Dont take it on people. I wont stop going there. Fleet Farm is good store. Just let u know if they talk to me like that. I will tell them. Thank you for your time to read this. Have a great day!

Review №11

Had a much needed helping hand in finding a belt for the lawnmower. Otherwise I probably would have made 3 trips. It all looks Chinese to me.

Review №12

I bought gas from the fleet farm gas station. Gas was ten cents cheaper than Kwik trip. There is always a long line at the checkout when I purchase gas at fleet farm. I guess its worth the wait since the gas is cheaper

Review №13

I can always find what I need plus a few more things. Great place to shop!

Review №14

I love this store and shop there very frequently...from dog food and name it!

Review №15

Biggest and nicest FF store Ive been to.

Review №16

Always liked the manly mall lol and this one is one of the best. Clean, polite staff, and not too crowded

Review №17

Love going to fleet farm but when we asked an employee on the floor where to find an item he told us to go ask at the customer service desk lol

Review №18

Are they going out of business?? They dont have hardly any tools anymore, i used to go into fleet farm and spend an hour just in tool area, now if you blink youre gonna miss the tools i dont think the new owners know how important it is to have a large selection of tools.. i will go to home depot from now on..

Review №19

Nice and clean environment, and there is a good selection of products. Prices are well marked for what the item actually is. However I was disappointed on how the staff treated me, and what advice they gave. We are currently painting exterior doors of our house, and the associate who works in the paint department recommended an oil based paint. You don’t put oil based paint on latex exterior doors, we even told the worker that doors were indeed latex. The associate did not take the time to match my color either, he simply gave me a standard version of that color and sent me on my way. May I point out that my chosen color and the color the associate gave me did not match at all! Very disappointed:(

Review №20

Our go to store for almost everything. Quick checkouts. Helpful staff. The place is always clean!

Review №21

Great hardware store, tons of outdoorsman supplies as well as hardware needs. Frequent mail in coupons, nice gas station, and a carwash.

Review №22

Enjoy shopping here. Staff are always helpful.

Review №23

Although the employee that worked in the department was very helpful it didnt matter because the item I was looking for was out of stock. The last couple of trips to the Appleton store have all ended with the same results. Hopefully this will turn around because its a shame that the store that used to be my go to sure bet to find something is turning into my last resort.

Review №24

This is my preferred store for tire purchase. They run promotion from time to time, buy 3 get 1 free, and that is good deal. Their waiting area could be better, but I normally roam around the store while waiting for oil change or tire rotation.

Review №25

Made a delivery here today at the warehouse, one of the most pleasant experiences Ive ever had. Great people, lightning fast service and friendly. Must be a fantastic place to work!!!!

Review №26

We had the greatest customer experience here today!! The checkout boy we had was sooo friendly! They have an excellent employee in that one!! Wish I knew his name!!

Review №27

Great store to shop in if they dont have it you didnt need it.

Review №28

Not good, not enough lanes open on the weekends, couldnt redeem my rewards. Not a happy camper. Place is going down hill, other people have mentioned the same experience.

Review №29

Absolutely confusing... have product in several different places. Workers..were working but not attentive that Im looking around for half hour trying to find the people..or the item

Review №30

Still is a good place to shop. But liked it better when the Mills boys owned it.

Review №31

Terrible service at customer service desk!I stopped to buy a hunting license. There was NOBODY in line, so I walked over to DNR kiosk, like I have always done. 3 employees behind desk (including a manager) ignored me. After helping two other people that stood in line after I was waiting, an employee came down by me and told me that next time I needed to stop by the line starts her sign. She could not explain why it mattered when nobody else was in line, other than it is their new policy.

Review №32

DO NOT BUY A GUN FROM HERE IF YOU WANT TO BE OUT OF THE STORE IN LESS THAN AN HOUR AND A HALF.My husband and I came to buy a gun and the guy doing it had NO idea what he was doing and it took 3 times as long as any other time we have bought one. I will not be coming back here to purchase anything to do with firearms. He waited over an hour to ask someone who knew what they’re doing for help because he did it all wrong when entering the information!

Review №33

Nice staff and have almost anything you could possibly need.

Review №34

Great place for everything outdoors from farming to fishing...hunting to to BBQ!

Review №35

Love our plants! There was a great sale and I had reward points in the new app rewards program! We got lots of fish with our nightcrawlers and love our new net too!

Review №36

This place has everything a farm girl could want... Except canning lids. Friendly staff. Easy to access location.

Review №37

Love this spot. What do you need, they have it!!

Review №38

Michael in paint is a stellar example of amazing customer service. Good people!

Review №39

They used to have about the best selection of fishing merchandise around. For the last year and a half the shelves are mostly empty. The last 3 times Ive been there Ive walked out without spending a dime.

Review №40

The ultimate MAN store. Just wish we could be on the back side of this ammo shortage.

Review №41

Fleet Farm is a great place to shop. I have never gone there and not found what I was looking for. The clerks are also very helpful too.

Review №42

I can almost always find what I am looking for.

Review №43

Terrible. Items are never in stock. Online orders are canceled without any explanation. Associates know nothing about their products or where they are. Used to be an awesome store, but over the last couple years has really sucked.

Review №44

Able to work independently, staff is super nice, and a great store altogether!

Review №45

They have some remodeling pains but they still have what Im looking for. Just in a different part of the store than I remembered.

Review №46

Always a pleasure whenever I get to our area Fleet Farm. I love the huge store and wide variety of items carried. Rarely am I unable to find what I need there. If you cant find at Fleet Farm then you dont need it!

Review №47

Knowledgeable helpful staff, and good product selection.

Review №48

Absolutely amazing store organized and so much to choose from

Review №49

The selection of items is very good, but they dont enforce face masks. So they value money more than the employees and customers health. I dont need their products. I dont need them. I wont shop there again.

Review №50

Never buy a gasoline powered generator in this place. I made the mistake of buying one, went home to use it and it never started, took it back the same day and they sent me away to a small shop repair because they cant take back the unit after it had been used what a joke! $500 dollars straight to the dump.

Review №51

Pretty good but out of stock on alot of things

Review №52

Nice store... they have it all and staff is friendly and polite!

Review №53

Price was good but no one ever offered to help

Review №54

Large store,great sporting goods section

Review №55

Good selection of things, but lacked help from employees. Had to wait 20 minutes for someone in fishing department who never came.

Review №56

Good store, good rebates.. lines a little long though

Review №57

Had to get our own products out of lumber yard no one around didnt even check what we took

Review №58

Cool place… has just about everything

Review №59

Great place for hardware needs.

Review №60

Services great. Great selection of stylish winter coats. And they have pretty great items on sale right now I got a coat and a pair of jeans (on sale) for less than 50 bux. Might have to make this my new spot for getting new clothes for myself and my kids

Review №61

Always have customers help. Treat you well with personal assistance.

Review №62

Always have almost everything you need and very helpful

Review №63

Our go to for horse lesson attire and boots

Review №64

Nice store. Have been to lots of Fleet Farms around Wisconsin. Most are well stocked and good prices.

Review №65

Finding new toys for the tiny ones. Their parents will be sooooo thrilled!! 🤣🤣🤣

Review №66

I cant shop here, as a caregiver to the elderly I need the people around me to wear mask. I wish Fleet Farm would care for the elderly, wearing a mask wont hurt you, but not wearing one could kill someone.

Review №67

I always find what I need and more. Glad they are starting to get guns and ammo in.

Review №68

Too much in one place! Something for everyone here (check out the snack aisle).

Review №69

Strange place,. I found the yeti cooler for 199$, which I bought. Then to the clearance area, I found last years Halloween shirt still $13. Which I did not buy, last years shirt?? Next to the nuts and baking area found really good deals on fleet farm Brazil nuts, almonds and raisins.

Review №70

Always wanted one and everyone told me its not season cause its January but thank you fleet farm for helping me prove em all wrong 👍💪

Review №71

Great place if Fleet Farm dont have it you dont need it. Wish i had a Fleet Farm in my neighbor hood.

Review №72

Awesome service the staff is very helpful lots of people drive threw gets 20 cars long takes you down to Jeanies so pop in for beer while waiting lol

Review №73

Good prices, friendly helpful employees = 5 stars

Review №74

Cool during hot day. People were very helpful

Review №75

They have a ton of products in this store! Better than the 2 green bay locations combined.

Review №76

Selections are getting better. Saved 30% on my boat seats. Very pleased.

Review №77

They were very helpful and attentive to help other customers while i waited to have tires changed.

Review №78

Fleet Farm is a good store but for a place that sells batteries, your handicap carts are in great need of new batteries.

Review №79

Great sales and selection.

Review №80

Meh. Its s great looking Fleet Farm, one of the best Ive seen. Very nicely laid out, clean and open. However, could not find what I needed, it was hard to find help and when we did the guys came over and really didnt seem to care and lacked knowledge for what I needed. It was disappointing and I left not have what I needed and frustrated.3 stars anyway because, well, its still Fleet Farm.

Review №81

EVERY single trip to this place has been nothing short of a nightmare. From leaving you sit in the parking lot for an hour while they try to find your order they just told you to come and get, to canceling online orders. Get it together already!!!! I will never be back to this cluster-you-know-what ever again!!! Good luck to you if you do!

Review №82

The Girl at Clintonville was excellent went above and beyond. Thank you

Review №83

Its a wonderful place to shop has everything imagined and if not they will bend over backwards to order it for you

Review №84

I had loved fleet farm for many years. Since the new owners bought I see quality going down and prices going up. Today 3 of the 4 things I looked for they dont have. A lot of empty shelf space. Disappointing it is.

Review №85

Automotive area cashier always is a line🤔 I understand it comes in waves 😬

Review №86

The checkout lines where long n only three checkout lines open. The store did a nice selection of things.

Review №87

Scott in garden is such a helpful gentleman. Called for a specific product that most stores are currently out of. He was quick to answer and caring enough to put one on hold for me. I kept getting transferred from person to person who didn’t check availability. Until I talked to Scott. Thank you Scott, it’s the small things in life.

Review №88

One of my favorite stores. Check out was faster than expected so they must have added seasonal workers. Shelves were stocked better than this summer so was relieve not to see empty shelves again.

Review №89

First time here... for the most part, everyone was very friendly and willing to help. No one seemed to know where things were when I asked for help finding things. Nice and clean. Nicely organized and zoned.

Review №90

Got Guinea pig bedding and dropped off 2 flags that were battered.

Review №91

Awesome store.If you cant find it dont need it

Review №92

Found everything we needed to finish planting in one trip, love it when that happens! Prices were fair, lines moving.

Review №93

Great place to shop with a wide variety of things a person needs. The only down fall, is they dont always have everything you want in stock.

Review №94

Friendly workers.not many size smaller than xl

Review №95

They have an amazing selection of stuff. Good prices. Fast service. Got hot hands on this trip.

Review №96

Great food! Great service!

Review №97

Just an FYI that fleet farm is under new ownership. The new owners are doing many things to improve the shopping experience of fleet farm. I for one think it shows. Just a kudos to them nice work keep it up.

Review №98

1 because I work there.2 good store 3 friendly people.

Review №99

An amazing store. A huge variety of products. Good price on gasoline.

Review №100

Helpful staff, checkout easy!!

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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Public restroom:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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