Music Go Round Ann Arbor
2791 Oak Valley Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, United States
Music Go Round Ann Arbor
Review №1

Music Go Round is building a reputation for not wanting to ship items that they have on their website for sale. They stick it to you by paying outrageous shipping cost to prevent online customers from buying items.I understand the company is focusing on keeping a steady flow of used gear coming through the doors and online sales do not give that option BUT its a sale you dont have to work for. Im already sold and you didnt have to spend time with me to buy it. My money and business should mean something to the store even if Im 100+ miles away. I think Music Go Round should really go back to the drawing board on this one and realize a deal online is just as good as selling it to somebody in the store.Boxes, packing material, etc. cost something and I get that. But for the price of the item I wanted to buy and the cost of your shipping, it was almost as expensive as buying the item brand new.I hope the store changes their mind on their policy and makes some better decisions to offering quality customer service for those of us who shop with them online. Until then I think Ill spend my time buying and checking out gear somewhere else.

Review №2

There a good place to go had a very nice talk with the salesmanAnd they had quite a selection of musical instruments to enhance your life

Review №3

Outstanding experience with General Manager Forrest. Helped me with a big project, knowledgeable and personable, as were all the staff I spoke with who knew about my situation with very little prompting from me. $ for my gear exceeded my expectations. Forrest put forth an amazing effort start to finish. Thanks again.

Review №4

Ok, yes, I do visit this Music Go Round more than others in this region. The reason is simple, this store get more used left handed guitars than all of the other stores combined, and most are really nice.So if you are a lefty looking for a used left handed guitar. Give these folks a try.

Review №5

Friendly staff, sells new & used gear for those artists on a budget. Better deals than Guitar Center.

Review №6

Had what I needed and treat customers with respect. Good spirited bunch of kids working there.

Review №7

The circle of music. They sell new and used instruments of all kinds, amps, PA systems, drums, etc. Lessons available for some instruments. Know your prices before you walk in. Be prepared to negotiate, whether buying or selling. Still, this store will have what you want.

Review №8

Good selection of used gear, guitar/bass strings and other normal miscellaneous guitar gear/products.

Review №9

Great selection but no service provided at all. We spent over 30 minutes in store and not a single person offered us help. We were ready to buy that day. Their loss.

Review №10

Ive gotten so many quality pieces from this location, Im very pleased with this Music Go Round.

Review №11

The employees were super cool, and very easy to talk to. I came into the store to buy some new strings, and an electric guitar for my collection. The prices were so attractive, that I had to stop myself from picking up a Bass too.

Review №12

This was a great experience and a great staff ! Had to sell some of my guitars and amps and was given a very fair price for everything ! Thanks again !!!

Review №13

Great place to get good new and used gear! I bought my first bass here over 20 years ago and many more pieces of gear. Highly Recommended!

Review №14

I just got a great deal on a used Fishman speaker. Music Go Round has a great selection of new and used musical instruments along wit a knowledgeable staff. I love going there even if its just to look around.

Review №15

Good people. Ive come in here a several times. Laid back and no pressure. Wish they had a slightly bigger store. It is a little cramped.

Review №16

Always a good time

Review №17

Wonderful merchandise great stuff and employees

Review №18

The staff is pretty friendly and helpful. What I like the most is the ever changing inventory. Theres always something new in there to tempt me and I have given from time to time. For example in the last 9 months I found two nice vintage Ludwig snares for a reasonable price that are now mainstays of my collection. All in all a fun place to check out monthly for deals and downright steals.

Review №19

I have bought and sold hundreds worth of stuff with them. Plan on getting that into the $1,000s soon.

Review №20

Great spot, buying things new is expensive, but its only because everything is top shelf quality

Review №21

Helpful staff. Great place to get your strings n things.

Review №22

Wandered into this store on a whim looking for a music stand for my Yamaha keyboard and the helpful staff found just what I needed! Love the selection and great prices. Excellent experience. I will definitely be back for my future instrument needs. Thank you for the excellent service!

Review №23

It was great just like always staff is helpful and friendly

Review №24

Good price. found exactly what I was looking for.

Review №25

They have a good selection of used gear. Lot of gems in here for sure. They let me play almost any guitar and test like 10 different pedals.

Review №26

Helpful and experienced staff. They go above and beyond every time.

Review №27

Great find with decent selection of affordable prices for used musical instruments and equipment. The can also work on instruments.

Review №28

Ive only been here a couple times all the guys in there pretty knowledgeable very friendly and very helpful real laid-back and chill. great place buy sell trade or go in and take a good look at a guitar or drums or keyboard or anything else for that matter! Im definitely going back and they give guitar lessons too so Im looking forward to that. I hear RJs pretty good. If youre in the music at all you got to check them out

Review №29

Been there a few times. People where very helpful.

Review №30

Great pizza¡¡ and great service!

Review №31

Great service!

Review №32

Great selections, friendly staff

Review №33

Super chill, helpful, and all around fun. Most importantly, when I come in with someone who doesnt present as male, the staff doesnt automatically assume that they should only talk to me.Fancy that! Treating potential customers as potential customers!I wish this wasnt such a selling point, but certain big box guitar retail chains have really messed that up.But even when I roll on by myself, theres a reason why this is my music shop O choice. Super laid back, helpful staff, rad selection of constantly changing inventory.Oh yeah. Killer good prices on everything, and they set up guitars before they sell them, saving you additional cheddar.

Review №34

Went here today. This is the most impressive chain guitar place left. Everyone is educated, and all instruments are set up and tuned! They REALLY take pride in their business!

Review №35

Great place to sell unused instruments! Cleaning out my clutter, I sold three guitars, a banjo and mandolin. Excellent friendly staff. Received a fair price for my instruments

Review №36

I like the shop and the staff and the products they sell. Its all good and plus its affordable something that I wont mind spending for a guitar or other instruments. Bought a guitar for my daughter from here and its been pretty good because she is in her learning phase and tend to do mistakes but the guitar supported throughout. Thanks guys.P. S. Ive uploaded the picture of the guitar as well

Review №37

Staff was amazing in helping me choose an instrument I had little knowledge of for a gift. Staff member took his time explaining options and never made me feel pressured. Highly recomend.

Review №38

Good selection of instruments and the staff is really nice and willing to help you!

Review №39

* [EDIT] The owner contacted me and was very insistent to help remedy the issue. Went above and beyond my expectations, and the guitar is now functioning properly, and playing well! * Purchased a used ESP with a Floyd special bridge, and while I expected a rough guitar, and wasnt worried about that, it came set up pretty poorly, and the bridge was siezed up. The fine tuners wont turn at all and thus, the bridge is pretty useless until fixed. Floyd specials arent known for being high quality, but now I wouldve been better off buying a fixed bridge guitar brand new. There was no mention of damage other than cosmetic nicks on the body. Beware when buying used. I expected good inspections and maybe descriptions of issues with the product if the focal point is selling used gear.

Review №40

So awesome - I walked in totally clueless, and kind of anticipating feeling a bit like a dolt, but the salesperson was super knowledgeable and it was clear they really enjoyed walking me through everything. No attitude at all.

Review №41

Been here a couple of times and hated it. The staff (pretty much all of the old guys/boomers and a couple of the younger ones) are disrespectful, condescending, and unhelpful. Wont be going back or recommending.Edit: in response to your cheeky response to my review, MGR, my visits were all well before the Covid breakout. Good to know that in addition to your awful service, you feel the need to throw petty responses at people who dont like your store. Gonna be actively discouraging people from coming to this place.

Review №42

Great place to shop plus the staff is very helpful..

Review №43

They were really helpful and nice! I got a viola today. I am not that knowledgeable about instruments yet but they answered any question I had. I will go to them for further buisness!

Review №44

This is my regular choice of music store. I have had work done on my electric bass, and they did a nice job fair price. Great selection, Especially with regards to used guitars. I got a great deal on a beautiful used acoustic guitar, that looks and plays like new. The set up on the guitar was top-notch.

Review №45

Communicated with Forrest via e mail before I came in. Sold 3 Guitars, up front on pricing: what u are offered vs what they are planning to sell it for. Very transparent, very reasonable. Also, the store credit is > $ offer, you can do some nice trading .... Kevin ....Kool Store ! ....

Review №46

I like Music Go Round Ann Arbor because there’s never any pressure, everyone is friendly and casual and you can feel welcome there even as a complete amateur, unlike some other music stores I’ve been to! I’ve also picked up several instruments there over the years and been very happy with my purchases. Check it out. Best selection seems to be about a week or two before Black Friday but there are always interesting instruments to try.

Review №47

Good stuff, pretty good prices.Sometimes, the store has lots of good choices for instruments. Other times, not so much. The new owner does not give the staff any leeway to work with customers on pricing or terms and their frustration is obvious. Staff turnover seems higher than in the past too.

Review №48

We bought the Hannah Montana amp and was cheered by the staff.

Review №49

All I can say! Very knowledgeable staff and if they dont have what youre looking for they will recommend other music shops around the Ann Arbor, Saline and Lansing area. Give them a stop and spend more than a minute.

Review №50

Local guys great advice and good deals been coming back for years thank you for be3 awesome

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Review №52

Needed a new nut and a few adjustments for my guitar and was taken care of in a friendly, professional manner. Estimated about $30 labor and only charged $20 even tho they did some extra tune-ups. Will definitely be back for some repairs to other guitars that I’ve been wanting to get looked at. Also got an iPad stand a while back from them and the price was just as good as anything I saw online.

Review №53

Trade in prices are nonsense about 25% of what it will be sold for and no wiggle room on used gear. $400 trade value would not get me a $425 used item all my trade ins happened to be many pedals. I figured they would have made about $600 profit but i need the 1 item but they gave up all the profit over 25bucks difference. I was going to buy a used fender but i seen the neck pocket was cracked through the wood junk body. I showed the workers they shrugged and put it back for sale. The only good is the inventory and selection. It has def changed to a pawnshop type of offers

Review №54

I have never received anything but informed, attentive, kind service here! Love Music Go around. Knowledgeable, quality employees and responsive, friendly management. Great combo.

Review №55

Limited stock but fantastically helpful staff and great prices!

Review №56

AMAZING. Selling old equipment? This is the place to go. They have taken care of me 3 times. Kevin even called me back to say, we owe you more money for your speakers. If that doesnt show you how this store operates, nothing will! GREAT PEOPLE

Review №57

Simply the worst customer service Ive experienced in a long time. Costa and Forest (managers) lack common sense and common intelligence. If you are looking for rude, arrogant and immature service while spending your dollars... this is the place for you. Otherwise, there are so many better options.

Review №58

I love stopping in there every few months. They always have interesting, unexpected, sometimes rare and unusual, used gear at reasonable prices.

Review №59

I wandered in here to donate an old Casio that somebody gave me. I ended up playing a Roland RD 700NX that blew my mind. I talked to Forrest about trading in my old (some from the 80s) keyboards and ended up bringing them in. As others have said, they were very transparent on how they buy and sell. I was dreading the negotiating part but it was completely stressless. I feel they gave me more than fair value on my (four) old keyboards. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I added about $400 cash and walked out with a pretty much mint condition Roland that I LOVE that was $2700 new. It was a pleasure doing business with Costa and Forrest and I was glad to have avoided the hassle of trying to sell four old keyboards.

Review №60

Employee Evan was very kind and informative. Mainly used gear but a good selection. Good atmosphere

Review №61

The staff was nice, if a bit pushy on the sales end. The prices though, were mostly absurd. I saw many used items in the store listed at prices higher than new retail. Why would anyone want to shop here?

Review №62

Very helpful and not pushy. Bought what we needed at a very responsible price. Will be returning.

Review №63

Very knowledgeable staff. Friendly and coolAlways nice buying from musicians who understand your needs. Wide variety of stuff too will revisit soon

Review №64

Staff is always so knowledgeable yet approachable. I especially love how kind and patient they are with my kids.

Review №65

Im a fairly casual musician and havent been to a bunch of different music shops, but out of the ones I have been to, this store excels in customer service.I recently purchased a new set of guitar strings from here and had one break within an hour of practicing. I wasnt sure if my bridge was too sharp or what the issue was, so I brought the guitar in asking for input. While they were swamped and unable to fully investigate, they eased my concern about the bridge and even replaced the set of strings with a thicker gauge for free.Another time, my roommate and I went it to have them look at an issue with his guitars input jack. It was loose and they repaired it on the spot for free.I wont go anywhere else while I live in the area. Thanks guys.

Review №66

They were a great help and service. I purchased an acoustic guitar and I love it!

Review №67

Above and beyond! Everyone there is super knowledgeable all around when it comes to buying and selling gear. Fair and honest, excellent pricing and a great selection.

Review №68

Large selection of used instruments and equipment. Competitive prices and friendly staff. Used instruments are properly tuned up by competent staff technicians.

Review №69

Friendly atmosphere and very helpful. They didnt try to sell me anything more than what I needed.

Review №70

Fun place. Honest. They bought a lot of my old gear and I took home some great used stuff. Turned big amps into small ones. Turned my Blackie Strat into a Martin 000C-16Rgte. Turned store credits into Epi Paul. Living the dream! They didnt find a buyer for my 2011 ES 345. Might have been a bit upscale for the venue.

Review №71

Nice people here, I come here all the time to get drum sticks and guitar strings and the staff here know what they are talking about

Review №72

Friendly knowledgeable staff! Always a pleasure to go here

Review №73

This is a great place!! Super happy with the service. I took my broken guitar there, thinking it was beyond repair. I was dead wrong - within hours, they had fixed it, as well as the broken trust rod which no other music store could fix, put new strings on it, and shined it up!! It was like a brand new guitar. It plays so beautifully and I could NOT be happier! You go glen coco

Review №74

I always have a great experience at Music Go Round friendly and knowledgable staff always willing to help kudos to Bill for getting my new P/U done on my Guild so quickly great work too!

Review №75

Nice people but we showed up at 7 last friday night and i felt like they were rushing us out the door. They were very knowledgeable and helpfull but dont ask if the only thing i need is picks and start to ring me up. Overall i will be back but it will be earlier in they day next time

Review №76

In one word ... AWESOME!Purchased my first guitar, an EPI 339 without knowing much about guitars.I just knew I wanted something I could live with for a long time.I picked up the guitar around Christmas 2014. It took me a couple of months to figure out that it had some fret buzz so it was a little out of warranty for a used guitar.The boys in Ann Arbor took care of it at no charge.Thanks guys!

Review №77

Always friendly, always helpful I never get ignored by staff, great selection of instruments of all kinds

Review №78

We bought an electric piano here. This place can be hire and miss. You gotta know what youre looking for before you go there.

Review №79

These people know their stuff. Very helpful!

Review №80

Great place for musical supplies: banjo picks for example

Review №81

Took my long neglected 1958 Gretsch Duo Jet in for set up and repair. It was electrically dead and had terrible action. Thought it would have to be retired as a wall hanging. But got it back today playing and sounding better than when I bought off the wall of a pawn shop in 1966..

Review №82

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Ian rocks!

Review №83

Great Customer Service!!! Very Friendly Staff!! Forest the Mgr. AAA+++

Review №84

I brought in one of my beloved double horns a little over 2 weeks ago for them to evaluate and hopefully make a reasonable offer for me to put on the market. The clerk who took the horn from me assured me that after their expert took a look at it, theyd make a really nice offer, and theyd be in touch. A week passed, and their expert never bothered to call me. When I finally got through to him, he said he had it on his to-do list. Another week passed, and I called him again, and he said he hadnt actually spent any time with it, claiming he doesnt know horns too well, and offered to basically take it off my hands for next to nothing. I was really disappointed that they strung me along and wasted my time. Highly unprofessional.

Review №85

Awsome customer service and helpful advice.

Review №86

Price gouging used gear. They were wanting more tor their used gear than most places sell new gear for. Would not deal, not going to give them 70$ for a used Moor pedal when theyre 55$ new online.

Review №87

Way closer than Marshall music cheaper and way easier to find things.

Review №88

Some very good items fair price on everything

Review №89

Staff was very helpful. Spent extra time giving us advice.

Review №90

Helpful staff, nice selection of used gear.

Review №91

Excellent shop for musical instruments and support stuff ! ! ! In AA, Mi.

Review №92

Fun place to check out music.

Review №93

Professional. Knowledgeable. My instrument store of choice.

Review №94

Came in to check out a guitar I saw in the website. Spotted it instantly and bought it with a case. Ended up in there talking about gear for 45 mins.

Review №95

Great Service! Great selection!

Review №96

Im sad to say the staff was extremely unhelpful and standoffish on the phone. Was calling regarding questions about a day rental, as we were in town for the weekend for a gig where we had to leave most of our gear at home. Whoever I spoke to on the phone was disinterested and just said Nobody in town would have what you want. Very sad and unprofessional for a working, traveling musician to hear.

Review №97

Great place for instruments and gear. No point in bartering, maybe for a package deal, but prices are pretty fixed.

Review №98

Dig it. Nice selection and staff.

Review №99

Decent shop. Prices sucked. Service sucked.

Review №100

Nice selection, nice customer service

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