U-Haul Moving & Storage at Eubank
1901 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112, United States
Review №1

Terrible. Dont count on U-haul to honor your reservation. Online reservations are at best a maybe. If its important to you, use another company. And they dont care about you, the customer at all. They have policies to cover their backs regardless of how bad they screw the customer over. Dont TRUST U-haul... Use another company!

Review №2

Josh saved my day! I had to go from Colorado to New Mexico to pick up furniture. There were virtually no trailers available anywhere in Colorado or New Mexico. Uhaul was supposed to have one for me in ABQ. Then I was told to drive from Albuquerque to Tijeras to get a trailer. (45 minutes one way) When I showed up there the woman could not figure out how to hook up the trailer to my 2016 chevy truck and simply walked away and said she couldnt help me. I randomly stopped in here, knowing that there were no trailers available for rent in Albuquerque. Josh got on the phone, swapped trailers around, got someone to get that trailer from Tijeras, and hooked up my trailer. Amazing customer service. I am so grateful!

Review №3

Have moved multiple times in Albuquerque, have always rented from here, and have always had a positive experience

Review №4

Dont come here. The only uhaul in town that has nothing but disrespectful dirt bags working.

Review №5

**All the reviews with this location have been deleted. Unsure if they were deleted by Uhaul or this particular location. I posted this review on uhaul.com and am posting it again here.**The truck we borrowed was fine - nothing wrong with it, good condition, no issues there. However, I made a reservation for a mobile pickup in the evening. This may be a website issue, but the website would not let me pick a time earlier in the afternoon, it only showed early morning and evening. On the day of the reservation, after working a 12 hour night shift, I was called twice in the morning by this location, stating they close at 5 and we need to pick up the truck earlier. Also, they do not provide mobile pick up for this type of rental. So I went in the early afternoon before closing to pick up the truck. The guy who checked us out (Bailey Ryan is the name on my receipt) was extremely rude, stating he had attempted to reach me multiple times about my reservation. I told him I work night shift so I came as soon as I could (as I was accommodating either their mistake or UHauls reservation software mistake). He then got very aggressive and threatening, saying he needed a second contact info to rent us the vehicle of someone who would “actually answer†and repeated this forcefully. I asked why he would need to get a hold of me before I turned in the vehicle, he said in case someone was here to rent it. (Why would he need to rent out a vehicle that is already being rented and paid for?) He then attempted to charge me double the price I had agreed to on the online reservation. When I pointed it out, he then changed the reservation. Ive never had an issue with UHaul before this, Im very disappointed by this persons actions. It appears this is not an uncommon experience at this particular location and had I looked at the reviews, I would have chosen another location. However, UHaul is risking its reputation and its profits by keeping someone like this employed. Perhaps he needs more training in how to speak to people.

Review №6

I will never rent from a U-Haul they are very rude in this area and the people on the phone told me its going to only cost me $39 plus the insurance nobody ever told me its going to cost me $149 you need to tell these people when you talk to them on the phone that they need to pay that amount out the guy that took care of me was very very rude I told him to cancel it that Im going somewhere else. Also they didnt have my right truck and the guy there the young guy told me take it or leave it so I left it

Review №7

Clueless! Just wanted to get propane, so I pull up outside, the sign said to ring the bell and someone would come out and help. Well, I waited around for a few minutes, and nothing! So another customer pulled up and went inside so I decided to go in, and then I had to wait around until the customer who arrived after me was helped with renting a trailer. When it was my turn, I said I rang the bell outside like the sign said, and the uhaul employee said”it doesn’t work!” Well how would I know that? He then said to go outside and get the tanks out and he would help in a few minutes. So while getting tanks out of my vehicle I mentioned again that I rang the bell and I was not sure how long I was to wait, he then replied “you can wait as long as you want”. Hellooo Einstein!!!! I am not a mind reader... how about putting up a sign saying the bell does not work!!! Will not be going back, what a dope!

Review №8

If you value your safety and the safety of your family please go elsewhere. Had a a trailer braking system put on my truck at this location. Put a trailer on my truck with 10000+lbs. Guess what system doesnt work at all. Take it back and they tell me to take my truck to Ford. I guess they dont test the systems they put in for safety prior before someone uses them. Also left wires hanging out all over my floorboard.

Review №9

I pulled into this shop with no warning asking them to help me with the running lights on my boat trailer. I didn’t really expect them to drop what they were doing and find the issue in under five minutes - but that is exactly what happened. Being that it was simply a fuse - they didn’t even charge me. Totally unexpected. What a great experience.

Review №10

I called in trying to make a reservation for a pick-up truck. I asked about 4x4 truck since Ive rented a 4x4 truck from U-haul a few months ago, he said U-haul doesnt rent 4x4 trucks and hung up on me.

Review №11

If you want your day ruined for any reason. Go to these guys. I dont understand why people dont quit if they dont like their job.

Review №12

I like uhaul rentals! If you know what you want and they have it, your in and out in no time. They have never tried to over charge me.They hustle and are very good at what they do.

Review №13

I will *NEVER* go back to this location, and I will be on the phone with Corporate tomorrow.Imade an appointment for a trailer hitch installation and went in on a Monday. I was told it would be 1.5 to 2 hours. After 3 hours, I was told it was taking longer because he kept getting interrupted, and after 4 hours, my car was ready. I was back 2 days later because they forgot to put the mat back in my car. By Saturday evening, I began hearing a fluttering noise when I accelerated, sounding like the air intake valve. After only another 5 miles, the car over-heated and shut down. After cooling down, however, the battery didnt have enough charge left to start the car. Upon closer inspection, there was a new draw line on the battery that shouldnt be there.Apparently, rather than connecting the lights to the factory hookup on the rear end, the mechanic ran a bypass wire from the section that the hookup was located, and directly connected it to my battery, for some unknown reason. For some reason, he also tried to access an interior panel and broke it. (On my Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, there is no reason to even access the interior).When he ran the wire from the factory ready hookup point all the way under the chassis to the battery, not even bothering to cut the zip tie tales, he caused a short to throw errors with the air intake valve sensor, he shorted the battery so that it cant accept a charge, meaning that even if the air valve didnt short and the car didnt overheat, I still would have ended up with a dead battery since the running car wasnt recharging it. I have replaced the battery ($180) which solved one problem, but the car still wont turn over. After having it towed home last night, I now will have it towed to my mechanic (at my cost) and have him run the diagnostic to fix what shorted when UHauls mechanic went into my cars interior and under the hood with no cause.And the real kicker? UHaul has an installation video on YouTube using my exact make, model, and year! This guy obviously didnt even bother to take 10 minutes to watch an installation on my exact car. Not only did this lack cost me 3 hours of install time more than it should have, now Ive been stranded, will have 2 tows, a mechanic bill, possibly a rental car, and missed work.Take my advice, save your money by spending the extra upfront and have your mechanic do the install.

Review №14

Just waited ten minutes and was not helped. Go elsewhere.

Review №15

If I could give our experience a 0 star review I would. I have never been treated so horribly ever! So we called the U-haul on Central on April 15 to make a reservation to pick up a 27 Foot truck with a slide in tow hitch so that we could tow our travel trailer for our move. We were called the night before, April 26th and told that we would not be able to pick up our truck where we had reserved it, that we had to go to another location to get the truck. We arrived at the U-Haul on Eubank and Indian School and it was the wrong truck. We got there are 7 AM as we had people coming to help us at 7:30 AM. When we told the young man behind the desk that it was the wrong truck and we explained yet again, what we needed for the hitch to tow our trailer. He went on his computer and changed our reservation to a location 10 minutes away. Granted we have been at the Eubank location for a total of 25 minutes now. He let us know that the San Mateo location would have the truck we required. We drove there as fast as we could to be able to make the appointment. We got there and the young woman working said she had to check to see if they had the truck. She also let us know that it was a smaller truck. This one was 20 feet. Our original reservation was for two days, returning to ABQ. We finally got the truck home to pack it at 8:15 AM. Our help has been waiting. After several hours getting everything packed and hooking up the trailer, we were on the road. This truck that we rented would not go above 50 miles per hour. A three hour trip took 5.5 hours. We were so exhausted and frustrated by the time we unloaded the truck we called to the Clovis U-Haul to return the truck. Now, we have only had the truck since 8 AM and it is now 6PM. So it is a total of 12 hours. We had also already paid $313 for this rental already. When we returned it to the Clovis store, the gentleman would not come out of his office, he was rude and disrespectful and informed us that we would be paying an additional $546. I let him know I would be calling the corporate offices and we left. We took the night to calm down. We called the corporate offices on April 30. The gentleman on the line took all of our information and we were told we would get a call back. We got a call today May 14, 14 Days later. We were told we were not overcharged. The gentleman on the phone the first time told us we were. Lie number one! The young woman, Michelle, who claimed to be the regional manager told us no refund of any kind would be given because we did not call U-Haul while we were driving to our location!! That is BS! My husband is a Diabled Veteran, and in the uncertain times a large company like this should assist and help their customers rather than gouge them for every penny they can get. SO far the only nice person had been the young man on the phone at U-Haul from Virginia. Everyone else and I do mean everyone has been rude, disrespectful and mean! Beware, this company is a rip-off. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

Review №16

These guys know their stuff. Thanks again.

Review №17

I had a wonderful experience at the uHaul center on Eubank quick, fast, and amazing service on a last second decision I made to rent a truck it only took 3 minutes to do the rental process and two minutes to return and pay I would highly recommend this location

Review №18

Came to fill my propane tank. They said they don’t fill them up after sunset it was 4:55pm. I stood there 10 minutes for them to respond to the ring bell if need assistance.

Review №19

The last few times I’ve gone here to get my RV propane tanks filled, there is not anyone working certified to fill the tanks. ???? Either offer the service, or don’t!

Review №20

Didnt charge me $50 for simple electrical hookup. Victor and able showed great customer service. Highly recommend this location.

Review №21

Warning furture customers! USE A DIFFERENT COMPANY. Its way over priced and the customer service is awful they hire low lifes that cant be nice and professional. Cant answer questions or have an explanation. Just dont waste your money and time

Review №22

What a waste of time and resources. Was directed by the manager Victor to go to a different UHaul after he had JUST called them. When we got there, the place was a ghost town and all of a sudden nobody wanted to answer the phone. Called victor and was told basically too bad and that he could recommend me to another location.... Like the first one? No thanks. GO TO LEONARD TITLE INSTEAD!

Review №23

Was lied to by a manager/employee by the name of Abel in telling me that the only hitch option for my Nissan Maxima was the $220 hitch when in fact there is a $120 option online when I was scheduling my hitch installation. (Keep in mind that I was only needing a hitch installed for a bike rack, nothing heavy duty here.). When I asked him why there was a difference in price from what he was telling me compared to what I saw online he made it clear that I didn’t have a cheaper option than the $220 hitch. I felt like I was being taken advantage of for a higher commission or something of the sort.When it did come time to pick up my vehicle after install, the trunk of my car still had the parts and tools for my spare tire strewn about and not where they needed to be. It took me less than a minute to put the tools back in with my spare, but it spoke of the rushed and careless nature of their work, further reinforcing why I will not be visiting this location again and will advise others to shop elsewhere. This location was very unorganized and unprofessional. If you are able to find another company to install a hitch I would recommend it.

Review №24

Fast easy, great staff. Best uhaul experience Ive had. We liked the moving van, fit a couch queen mattress, boxspring and small table. Cost $47 to go to west side and come back once, plus the $7.00 to fill the tank. Best rates also. Will be using them again in the future.Update: called to get an estimate a few months after original rental and it was a headache! Other reviewers are right, seems very hit or miss on ease of use. Service depends on the employee.

Review №25

Go to Leonard Tire just up the street instead. The car I was towing with a U-Haul from Texas to Idaho got broken into overnight in Abq. I needed some quick help to get the car off the trailer so I could have the window fixed and get back on the road. I called U-Haul Moving & Storage at Eubank, and they told me they wouldnt help for some complicated reason (which really means they just didnt feel like dealing with it). I called Leonard Tire and they said sure. Took them 2-3 minutes to get the car off the trailer for me, and they let me leave the whole rig there while I got my window fixed. They also looked into my insurance and let me know that I actually had coverage for the damage to the window.

Review №26

Dear potential future customer: READ THE REVIEWS. I didnt before I went for a quick stop for a free more packing supplies. My mistake. It turned into a singularly odd and increasingly stressful experience where the only cashier keep having us wait longer and longer to check out a few packing supplies (which I thought could have been multitasked while she answered someone elses questions (who I thought was there after is, maybe not) and waited around while another customer took their time to read and sign a contract... My mistake) I left after 30 minutes of waiting with my baby as I was not the best version of myself and couldnt deal with the lack of communication and unknown amount of time I would have to keep waiting for unforseen tasks to be accomplished ahead of what I perceived could have been a quick check out. And Felicia, I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Give em the pickle!Next time I will go to Home Depot. Would have been quicker to drive there and get quicker customer service.

Review №27

Worst experience ever. Went in to get a propane tank filled and waited in line with a man behind the counter that was not very nice. A lady walked in behind me and he took her first. I parked my truck by the propane fill area and another young man asked me to move my truck in front of the door of the entrance while he backed a U-Haul in so I did. Then the rude man came out after I waited 20 minutes screaming and yelling at me about where I parked my truck. I told him the other employee asked me to park the truck there. He just kept screaming at me. He goes to get my tank and he yells at me I cant fill this tank its not certified. And throws the tank in my truck and puts this fake smile on his face and says have a nice day maam very sarcastically. Went to the U-Haul up the street and they filled it no questions with a smile and very politely and when I asked him why The other guy said it wasnt certified they said it is. Hope this U-Haul location goes out of business. The employee that it told me to move my truck kept explaining to the man yelling at me that he told me to park there and he just kept yelling. Maybe its time to contact the owner of that horrible U-Haul location seems like all the reviews are pretty much the same rude and unfriendly.

Review №28

Such an awful experience with this storage location. I never expected that business wich supposed to save you belongings and promised to do it will do just everything to lie about customers...will not recomed to anybody to use this one...

Review №29

The staff was very friendly,answered all my questions,was helpful.I would always use this store for my moving issues.

Review №30

So unorganized very slow workers not trained very good will never be using u-haul again

Review №31

I called in asking about renting a truck and the woman who answered on 11/19/2016 at 7 :39am sounded very annoyed and was just rude from the start. This location is right next to my house but I will not be going to it.I went in a few days later and not knowing a thing about renting a vehicle they said it would be 20 bucks. Come to find out when i was done it was around 60 cents a mile aswell. No one ever talked about this. They said they would refund me and never did. I call corporate and get the run around

Review №32

Worst customer service ever, general manager is rude and disrespectful does not know anything about customer service. I was waiting inside an empty store for 15 minutes and he didn’t help me with my return at all. Completely useless and unhelpful person would never go here again.

Review №33

Staff was nice, even when they lied to my face about not finding my appliance dolly in their truck. My movers went to get it and they stated the truck wasnt available. I went and they said they never saw one.

Review №34

Drove all the way across town and they claim there is nothing available. I see plenty in the lot?

Review №35

We booked our move online over 3 months ago and we were given confirmation of pick-up and cross country shipping. We chose the u-boxes for their convenience and a location on the NE side. We are scheduled to pick them up in 2 days. The location near our house doesnt have them...they have no record of needing them on hand for pick up. After speaking with their coordinating office, we were informed that we have 3 options: pick them up and drop them off in Rio Rancho ourselves (which is an 1.5hr round trip times eight because we have 4 boxes), we can pay them more money on top of the $3000 to maybe have them delivered if they can find someone,or they can just cancel our reservation 6 days before moving and we can find a way to drive our stuff across country.....so we can pay them to rent one of their vans. No thanks. This is 5 stars in terms of punishing a customer for an inability to perform your only job. Additionally, it was luck we even found our about this, because we have yet to receive a return call from the manager and there was no customer reminder/confirmation call made .

Review №36

ZERO⭐s AVOID! Worst service go to a dealer. No managment, worthless employees. I was standing in line. There was only one other customer at the register, and no one else in the store. Two worthless employees, bullshiting and wouldnt even acknowledge me for the 15-20 minutes I stood there patiently. I will NEVER go back, WORST UHAUL THIS PLACE SUCKS!

Review №37

They stop filling propane at 3:00 p.m.

Review №38

Returning auto and also my U-Haul truck to this place which a guy named Brandon was very extremely nice and very helpful and information and resources around town from sources Utah and Brandon was my first person I met in Albuquerque New Mexico and he is very pleasant

Review №39

Knowledgable, well stocked, ready to help with reservation. All I could expect from a u-haul dealer.

Review №40

I have used this location and been assisted by these folks repeatedly and they have always been great service.

Review №41

Need a hitch installed? Go here! Great staff excellent professional work

Review №42

Hardly have propane or to lazy to go outside and help customers. walk in to see to guys eating and playing on phones.

Review №43

Propane fill is broken. How ironic.

Review №44

I have never spoken with a more rude representative of a business than the woman I spoke with from this place. All I wanted was a price of a storage space and she started yelling at me. I will not be calling back here again for anything.

Review №45

Went to rent a truck made a reservation for. I showed up on time, but there was a line outside the door and only on person working the entire store. The line took 30 min to get through. They also had a bait and switch; the truck was advertised as 19.95$, but there was a ton of fees and charges that more than the price.

Review №46

Change policys and didnt post at time of reservation...which then caused us to not be able to rent a truck. Poor customer service and not willing to accommodate us. The worst

Review №47

Had a reservation I was supposed to pick up at Central location, but they could not get it working...(see review there for details)I left there, and the bitter woman there had my reservation cancelled bybthe time I got here.No worries!!!!Ben set me up with trailer and dolly equipment as a walk in, hitched up the trailer for us, verified the lights were working, and we were on the road in recird time.Fast, efficient, friendly, professional and cheerful customer service...Dont bother going to any ither Uhaul facility in Albuquerque....just go here and save your time and patience.Ben is a star.

Review №48

This location is very hit and miss with its customer service. They always have a great selection of very clean rentals though.

Review №49

The absolute worst storage facility and business I have ever dealt with by a mile. In the year and a half Ive had a unit there, Ive talked to the manager here once. Ive lost track of how many times Ive asked to speak to her, called her, and left her voice messages. First off, Ive been lied to almost every time Ive had a problem with my bill, this facility FLAT OUT STOLE MONEY OFF MY DEBT CARD ON FILE. The first time I put my card on autopay, the representative didnt do it right and I was charged an obscene amount of late fees...around $250 after I found out. When I explained to the manager that my account was on auto payment, she flat out called me a liar and told me I had to pay all the late fees or theyd auction my unit off. I paid the bill and kept my card off autopay for this reason. Then in June 2016, I forgot to pay the unit and was 2 days late. I was charged a $20 late fee, which they told me they would take off if I put my card back on auto pay, which I reluctantly did. The rep told me shed have to charge me the payment plus the late fee, then refund the fee when the manager called me back so she could authorize it. Well, guess what? She never called me back, even after I called her once a week for a month! Then, the second month my storage was on autopay, I was charged a late fee for paying on autopay, on time!! Still havent received a call back and its been another month, even filed a dispute with Uhaul customer care. Im a pretty reasonable and accommodating person but at this point, Im beyond frustrated and will never be returning to any U-Haul Facility...EVER. This experience has convinced me to never do business with this location or company ever again.

Review №50

Ive used UHauls all over the country for years, and this has consistently been the best.

Review №51

Love this Uhaul, they always make sure everything is good.

Review №52

First time here no one onsite to pump propane.Second time called ahead and assured someone was onsite to pump propane, arrived and told no one onsite to pump propane.

Review №53

I had them install hitch and wiring on vehicle. vehicle kept popping breakers afterward. they refused to give money back.

Review №54

Quick, prompt service and competitive prices.

Review №55

The person checking us out was awesome. The maanger was kind of rude

Review №56

Ive learned you should call before driving here for a propane fill they dont always have someone qualified to operate the propane dispenser working.

Review №57

Misleading business practices and poor customer service. When they estimated the cost for a truck rental, they did not include a mileage fee despite us going over with them the exact route and number of miles we were going to drive. As such, the amount charged was more than twice the estimate that we signed off on. When we called to inquire about this, the unfriendly man on the phone refused to help in anyway and defended the poor estimate, which was off by more than 100-percent!

Review №58

Very professional Uhaul location. Great staff.

Review №59

Called for propane price. 764, is that per gallon? Ah...

Review №60

Horrible U-Haul. Double charged me for rental,only used the truck for 3hrs, charged extra milage, and wont answer there phone. One employee lie, Manager take no responsibility and still no refund. HATE these people avoid them at all cost unless you like being stolen from and lied to. Also truck was damaged and could have water damaged my property but didnt bother letting me know. Luckily it didnt rain.

Review №61

They advertise propane, but do have provide service.

Review №62

They do not answer their phone.

Review №63

Great if you need to move

Review №64

Great place to rent uhaul

Review №65

Quick and friendly service!

Review №66

Never have the truck I need different times of the month

Review №67

Long lines on a Saturday. They unilaterally moved my reservation without communicating with me, and the desk clerk was rude and dismissive. I will not be returning to this location. Two stars only because it could have been worse.

Review №68

Employees are friendly. My truck and paperwork were ready to go when I got there.

Review №69

Waited almost 10 minutes and never saw an employee.

Review №70

They had what I needed on the day that I needed.

Review №71

Had the hitch I needed in stock and the service was friendly

Review №72

Very helpful personnel

Review №73

Easy not and out

Review №74

Not enough staff there

Review №75

The employees are very friendly

Review №76

Dissent service

Review №77

Very good

Review №78


2.9 Rating
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  • Phone:+1 505-293-1955
  • Truck rental agency
  • Moving and storage service
  • Moving supply store
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  • Propane supplier
  • Self-storage facility
  • Trailer rental service
  • Trailer supply store
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