Hydro Lyfe
5805 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States
Hydro Lyfe
Review №1

EDIT:The “bird seed” turned out to produce some beautiful “lettuce” 😎 I only subtract one star due to the conditions of the bird seed. Many didn’t germinate and I’ve had zero issues with Growers Choice, Sensi, Barney, and Seedsman. Perhaps the batch I got was a little older as they looked light and gave hell germinating BUT man…the plant (Tilt) that did is absolutely gorgeous. Yeah…I’d give HASH another try AND the store itself is really cool, nice supply of growing equipment and fertilizers. I’d post pics of the plant but don’t want to upset the owner of Hydra Lyfe as I know they’re uncomfortable with the trouble 420 brings.

Review №2

This place is a fantastic place to go to if you are experience grower or a beginner. They have their old-fashioned values in customer service. Greg is very knowledgeable and the staff is always on the ready to answer your questions or to assist you with their products. You don’t get friendly, knowledgeable customer service like you do with the employees at Hydro life! (( they are a bunch of trustworthy and honest!))

Review №3

My first time in the shop today and I am very happy with the organization of products, the quality, and most importantly, the staff members very very knowledgeable and helpful. I will be going back for my gardening soils, more lighting, and supplies. Prices are very competitive with Amazon. Over all great experience! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №4

Store is jam packed with all of the best products on the market, best soil is always stocked up, customer service is of the hook, so get down there and get the products/knowledge youll need to get your grow started or maintained.

Review №5

Love this store. Has everything I need and alot I want. The staff are super friendly and helped me workout what would be best for my needs. Great place I wish I could work here.

Review №6

The perfect spot for all your growing needs

Review №7

Awesome plant shop for growing indoor plants. They have a great supply of all the indoor growing equipment you could need. The staff are helpful and nice. Pricing is good on most things but some things are overpriced and you should compare to online.I admire their small business personally owned atmosphere. I buy everything I can here and like to support my local grow shop. I strongly recommend Hydro Lyfe!

Review №8

I visit this place probably once a week, and have used all of the other places I know of in town, theyre the best at what they do. Good people, good service, good products, you really cant go wrong. The knowledge these guys bring to the table when growing is really helpful. Ive seen them talk to experienced growers and those just starting out and they always help in any way that they can. Make a list of what you need before you go in though, theres a lot of inventory and its easy to forget what you came in for.

Review №9

Great place. Cool cats 😎👍✌.Great prices. THANKS AGAIN

Review №10

I like the place I only have one problem. I purchased several items one being a jug of pH up $75 I wasnt paying attention at the time I went in 2 days later it is obvious the product has not been opened or tampered with in any way and they wouldnt even give me store credit. I still would have spent the money in his store but the guy was kinda rude about it guess he hasnt ever made a mistake before he.

Review №11

The guys working there where beer helpful with what I needed to successfully grow cannabis indoors.

Review №12

Unfortunately it felt like I was bothering the guy, I was in the store to buy multiple items and ended up leaving with nothing. Im new to growing and actually putting effort into keeping my plants alive, having a lot of questions and this guy just made me feel like a pain in the a**. They had everything I needed and more at a fair price. I found what I needed elsewhere after running away because it was so uncomfortable 😟

Review №13

Great grow shop great and professional team that is very knowledgeable about their products

Review №14

Amazing employees really knowledgeable cool place got everything you really need

Review №15

Great prices, customer service. Definitely better than AHL that gives you this fake 10 percent discount to make you feel good.

Review №16

Bald guy working at that place is a rude know it all. Full of himself. Talks using weird lingo like as if everyone should know the lingo. I gave the place a shot but I’m just gonna stick with all seasons. All seasons gives a discount if you have a medical card. The staff is much friendlier and doesn’t assume you know weird lingo.

Review №17

Great resource for hydroponics. Friendly staff helpfull in solving problems. Prices very fair compared to other vendors offering same products.

Review №18

Great store great customer service always! They always welcome my weenie dog.Great store

Review №19

Little to no knowledge of their products and bad customer service. Dont buy the seeds from the dude that works there. He doesnt make selections when breeding and has no knowledge of genetics. The store has very low stock in everything and half the time i go there they are closed. There are 2 better hydro stores in ABQ. Go to AHL OR ALL SEASONS GARDENING.

Review №20

They sell cannabis seeds and call them “bird seed.” Rude and over priced, I bought some supplies from here and they were expired and broken, when I tried to return they were very rude to me, and didn’t even try and compensate. Look at how unprofessional this guy is bashing his customers.

Review №21

They always have what I need and when I had a problem they stepped up and handled it, took a little bit of time but nonetheless they set me straight.

Review №22

Best place for supplies, and the staff is absolutely wonderful and helpful. Local business supporting local people..

Review №23

Unhelpful and unfriendly staff. Prices arent labeled. I wanted to like this place since its nearby, but AHL is so much better.

Review №24

Owner is a lame o from Florida. Calls the cops for every tiny thing like a woman.. For example: double parking lmao

Review №25

This is the only shop that I go to for all my growing needs

Review №26

Terrible customer service and unneeded attitude given by employee. First time in and I will NEVER shop here again.

Review №27

Guy working there was a rude know it all,Without actually knowing it all or much at all for that matter. All he is doing is running the owners business out of there. If it where my business I would fire the guy and I would want people to tell me if he is being rude and running business out because that is exactly how businesses go out of business. I didnt care much at the time, I just left and said oh well Ill go to the other store I usually go to from now on because they are actually cool and nice to you probably because they have some kind of investment in the business or own the business. I just moved to New Mexico from Denver Colorado and there are lots of hydro shops in Denver Colorado so Ive been to a lot I see how theyre ran. The guy working at Hydro life like I said I wasnt paying much attention because I didnt really care once I decided I would not go back there ever again and I mean ever again but I believe it was a bald guy. He was just a big A-hole.

Review №28

Its the spot. The customer service, the product and the knowlege is unmatched. Fair pricing on top of that as well!!!Honest rating: 6/5

Review №29

Great people,great products, and great knowledge.

Review №30

Great products and friendly customer service.

Review №31

Where you can get all your grow supply

Review №32

Very knowledgeable

Review №33

Good workers. Very good place.

Review №34

You really need to update your online menu i hear alot about you guys but dont see anything that i really need.

Review №35

These guys are a big help. Thx man

Review №36

The guy is very knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. Ill be back.

Review №37

Best hydroponic store in albuquerque hands down

Review №38

I wouldnt waste my time or money ever visiting this store again. I spent a grand total of 15 minutes in the store before being rushed out the door because he did not want to help me once he asked what I was gardening. His unprofessional opinions and statements were not warranted in any way. This unprofessional buffoon they have working the counter here has utterly ruined my experience and I will be advocating to everybody that they should go to AHL garden supply they were a million times more helpful and knowledgeable. Lastly they werent rude in any way

Review №39

Good vibes, competitive prices, great staff!Cant go wrong here. Theyve got whatever you might need to set up your garden whether it be indoor or out. The owner, Tyler, is super friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help you solve your problem.Ill be back!

Review №40

Very knowledgeable staff that will help you with all growing needs.

Review №41

Good experience. The staff is great

Review №42

This place is great! Everyone who works there is respectful very informative on all there products and have competitive prices. Very clean and well kept store nothing out of place for very long if at all. One of the best stores for all your garden need in my opinion.

Review №43

I will say this was the first time I had been there n we found very nice 20G pots n the guy helped us with drip trays for those n Ill be going back for a garden hose filter for the price yes need that for our flowers

Review №44

Unhelpful. Said he couldnt sell me new reflector material because it would be a liability. Said he wanted to sell me a new reflector or LEDs. GO TO AHL!!! They are very helpful and will always do their best to get you what you need. They wont try to sell you stuff you dont need.

Review №45

This store is a constant let down. They never keep up with their inventory and are always out of essential products.

Review №46

Very good staff. I still remember when this was a phone shop, they used to sell privacy and there was an strange guy working there, Saul Goodman I think was his name. Funny guy.

Review №47

A great place with knowledgeable staff who were able to answer my questions in a detailed way. They have everything you might need for your organic gardening and/or hydroponic gardening needs.

Review №48

Had everything I needed, I can find stuff online but I like to know what Im getting. My plants look great and arent even a week old. Im doing Strawberries using Kratky method and so far so good.

Review №49

Worst place in town personally witnessed customers being upset prior to my issue. If the tender has to stop to tell you to pay attention to your kids when we walk in the door instead of pay attention to the question he asks to your face there’s an issue figure out customer etiquette. All seasons gardening check them out amazing all the way around worth the drive

Review №50

Very helpful people! Every wuestion answered including the ones any of us had the answer to but it didn’t take long when an employee says exactly what you want to hear and that’s “hey if I don’t know I’ll find out and let’s find out together”. Recommend by “the Chopper” 100% thanks guys.. it’s nice to not only have the products you need but any questions you have on how to use them because the same products can be used in different ways for different things and sometimes work better at different times! So yes thank you guys a bunch!!!

Review №51

Great experience! Tyler really knew his stuff. He saved me half of what I thought I was gonna spend. Thank you sir 🙏🏼

Review №52

Everything you need to get your garden going nutrients, lights, dirt, to environment controls. If its not in store they can get it for you special order. The prices are low and the advice/help they give is the best. I would give more stars if I could and now they have a customer for life.

Review №53

Talked with Taylor a very informative and down to earth person who knew about the products. No over the shoulder ya gonna buy something feel...they have Some new light fixtures for veg and bloom for any level..nutes and soil amendments.. Best prices for the buck. Check em out! Plus over 50 bucks ya get a free lighter!

Review №54

The best customer service you could ever get!Always helping there customers very happy friendly place

Review №55

Great store and prices. Their new location is nice aswell. Ill continue to shop here for all our growing needs. UPDATE This place is clean and following covid safe practices. They are an essential business, Dont ask about your carrots ask what you need to make your buds fat. Like food isnt essential? But whatever. Hydro life also has the best pots for plants. I always love going in

Review №56

Great place for all your growing needs. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Review №57

Best grow store I’ve been to in Albuquerque.Good selection (or will order), good atmosphere, prices are competitive and the person who helped me was professional.I’ll be back...

Review №58

If its not in Stock, ask they will order for you....less than Amazon. Awesome Humans👽🤠👌

Review №59

Best prices in town! The staff is super friendly and very on point with their products and advice. I would recommend this place to a newbie and all the way up to the master growers.

Review №60

The prices were really good and the staff was very knowledgeable

Review №61

Doesn’t matter the day or time, they are always polite, helpful, and priced right. Best grow supplier in the West, hands down wonderful shop that still understands they are a SERVICE business, and they live up to the meaning of great service.

Review №62

The only grow shop I go to. The owner Tyler is very knowledgable and always super helpful.

Review №63

Hands down THE BEST! Always friendly staff! I genuinely look forward to grabbing supplies here.

Review №64

Hydro life is one of the best one stop plant everything stores that you dont need to go else where boom we finally got a one stop plant store

Review №65

Very knowledgeable. First timer, and the staff will fill you full of knowledge. My crops did great!

Review №66

Awesome customer service very clean friendly answered all our questions and concerns great prices

Review №67

Excellent customer service with top of the line equipment at the lowest prices I could find in NM. It was truly a pleasure doing business, and it will be a pleasure again as Hydro Lyfe has gained a loyal customer in me. They appreciate their customers, are very polite and informative which is why Ill be going back. Thanks again, see you soon!!

Review №68

I had been trying to use this place instead of less expensive online retailers, you know support your local store, all was good. But, in an emergancy I bought a pump from them.When I got home I found I already had a replacement pump in my spare parts bin. When I took the unopened never used pump back I was told they only take back defective items.The funny part is I need $200 worth of stuff so store credit would have been fine. But, instead they lost a costumer over $45.00.So back to the net for me. Do not buy anything you may need to return because Unlike every other store in town they do not accept returns.Chris. M

Review №69

Great store! Great people highly recommend this one! 100% they have an amazing selection of everything

Review №70

My new favorite store! Great people. Orion loved it too!

Review №71

Worst customer service ever. Rude and not helpful only helps regulars not new customers

Review №72

Extremely well laid out and staffed with very knowledgeable people and professionals wanting to really help instead of just trying to make a buck

Review №73

I was recently introduced to hydroponics by a friend who recommended hydrolyfe...lets just say when I walked in I was skeptical. Three young men in the store who I soon found out were the two owners and an employee greeted me. My skepticism was wrong. These three men were friendly, professional and knowledgeable about hydroponics and the products they sell. I was quite impressed and will definitely be going back. Thanks Joe, Tyler and Dan. You guys are awesome.

Review №74

Amazing staff very knowledgeable very friendly I will be back!

Review №75

So helpful and not pushy! Prices are great too.!

Review №76

Love the knowledge from thier staff. Friendly environment. Will be returning

Review №77

I dont usually take the time to leave reviews but in this case, I felt it was completely necessary. Been in the store multiples times and the best way to rate their customer service is to compare it to a mom n pop shop who do what they do because they love it. Great selection and very knowledgable! Only place Id ever go in ABQ. Keep up the good work guys 👍

Review №78

This store is amazing. Best prices in ABQ! I won’t shop anywhere else.

Review №79

Great place. Guys are super helpful! Never go anywhere else!!

Review №80

Very helpful and informative really know there stuff.

Review №81

It is always a pleasure shopping here. The customer service is exceptional and extremely knowledgeable. I will certainly be back!

Review №82

AWSOME SHOP!!!! Best prices in town. They sell you what you need not what makes them more money very knowledgeable guys.

Review №83

Good for gardeners! Pots and coco planting medium

Review №84

Nice little grow shop guy was knowledgeable

Review №85

Quality items, good prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff.Pros:- friendly environment- fair pricing- Tyler is a swell guyCons:-None

Review №86

I was in Albuquerque recently for a surgical procedure I needed done. The recovery period was about three weeks, but I was only bedridden for one. Normally I live in a tiny little apartment with no porch space. I was pleased to find the shop close to my hotel, and learned a lot about hydroponic growing, and how easy it can be, with the right knowledge and equipment. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and knowledgable. I cant wait until my next tourist visit to NM to go back!

Review №87

Excellent customer service. Knowledgeable staff and quick shipping! Thanks jarrod!

Review №88

The best prices possible! Awesome people too! Would recommend this store to anyone!!!

Review №89

Great people I love this grow supply store . Great customer service Jarrod is awesome

Review №90

This place has everything we always looking for if not they can get it great prices to

Review №91

Great, knowledgeable staff. If you have a garden of any kind, stop here and watch your plants explode!!!

Review №92

This place is a joke... worst grow store in N.m. Im not from Albuquerque. They sold me a timer that did not work an I was in able to get cash refund next time I drove back to Albuquerque. Luckily I got store credit on stuff I did not need. O ya also read the owner shot someone in the parking lot. Google it!

Review №93

Bad experience with the guy working there, seemed to have a chip on his shoulder and then got super polite. I intend to buy a lot of supplies so i found a place where they seem to appreciate my business!!!

Review №94

Taylor and Joey provide world class service to me every time I go visit them. Give them a try!

Review №95

The got everything you would need

Review №96

Good for growing supplies.

Review №97

Awesome! Super friendly staff

Review №98

Great customer service, employees are very knowledgeable. Answer any and all questions.

Review №99

A one-stop shop for hydroponics or gardening supplies but selection is a little lacking.

Review №100

Went in for the first time a few days back. Really nice location on menaul, they had everything i needed, and the guy working the counter (tom or tyler or something) seemed to know his stuff and gave me all the help i needed without being overbearing. Prices were best ive seen in Albuquerque AND if you pay with cash you dont pay tax! Will definitely be going back

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