Olo Dessert Studio
3339 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, United States
Olo Dessert Studio
Review β„–1

Cute shop with unique flavors and nice atmosphere. They don’t have mini mnms (just a knock off) which are a staple for the cake batter πŸ˜‹. Their snickers flavor is so tasty! It’s a step down from Sweet Frog but worth going to for frozen yogurt.

Review β„–2

The cookies at Olo are, without a doubt, some of the best Ive ever eaten! We especially love their signature Olo Sugar Cookie which is made with ground flax meal rather than eggs and Spectrum vegetable shortening. Despite these healthier substitutions the cookie is still absolutely delicious and perfectly soft. These cookies are also not overly sweet which is often the case with sugar cookies. My kids the love the fun rainbow sprinkle addition! We love to give these as little gifts to teachers and new neighbors. This place is so much more than just frozen yogurt! Give the other desserts a try!

Review β„–3

Fun frozen yogurt shop in walking distance from The University of New Mexico. Clean, friendly, and colorful atmosphere. Lots of toppings to pick from from chocolates and candies to fresh fruits. Great spot to grab a sweet treat!

Review β„–4

We were on a cross country trip and stopped in Albuquerque. Being vegan, we didn’t know exactly what we would find, but Olo is a nice cozy dessert haven in the desert. They have several options for vegan soft serve as well as vegan cupcakes and other baked goods that are made in house. Definitely stop in and enjoy!

Review β„–5

Vegan vanilla froyo and even vegan pastries!!! Clear labels for everything! This was fantastic. And the employees were thoughtful with their Covid protocols! I would highly recommend this spot.

Review β„–6

Really cute store nice atmosphere. The yogurt is great have gone many times and will go again. Employees are very kind and respectful.

Review β„–7

Good starter selection for a vegan. Love that they have non-dairy soft serve. Most recent time we tried to go they were closed due to labor shortage

Review β„–8

Overall, I think they have the best quality ingredients, toppings and flavors. I have been a little disappointed with the selection of yogurt flavors the past few times though. Will definitely be coming back!

Review β„–9

Great fro-yo, tons of fun toppings, and really nice associates! They have a vegan vanilla fro-yo (and regular dairy options), as well as a list of allergens/dietary restrictions for their toppings. Awesome place. :)

Review β„–10

Very clean and sanitary. And great froyo.

Review β„–11

Excellent service! Excellent deserts! I recommend everyone give Olo a try!

Review β„–12

The coconut froyo was so good. Friendly worker and fresh fruits on the bar. Made a tropical froyo dessert

Review β„–13

Delicious froyo, beautiful store, and wonderful staff. Highly recommend!

Review β„–14

My daughter (biracial) and her coworker(hispanic) visited this establishment and were asked to put on a mask. I understand they are required due to the pandemic. What I am confused about is why the group of 4 white individuals ahead of them didnt have to??? Discrimination? Ive never had any issues like this before at this establishment.

Review β„–15

Camila and her staff are outstanding! I searched the heavens for a good yogurt spot in Albuquerque and Olo is the only yogurt shop I go to. The best yogurt and the best service.

Review β„–16

This place is a hidden gem, always fresh and fast! We discovered in the midst of the pandemic and have continued to support. They offer a great non diary option usually which helps our family a lot. All the staff is beyond friendly and accommodates all our requests.

Review β„–17

Extremely tasty frozen yogurt at a convenient location. Covid precautions include signing in for contact tracing, being welcomed in a few at a time, ensuring plenty of space between groups at the machines, enforcing mask-wearing inside the establishment, and enforcing mask/gloves at all times for the employees. Coupons and special offers available through Facebook Messenger!

Review β„–18

Tasty and broad selection, friendly staff, and a fun design/atmosphere. My favorite spot for fro-yo :)

Review β„–19

Amazing place. They were closing and an old couple was running in and they let them come in without rushing them. Very clean place. AMAZING FROZEN YOGURT. Great staff! Never had such a great experience at a restaurant! 6/5 stars

Review β„–20

Very clean place with a decent variety of frozen yogurt and toppings.

Review β„–21

Always a great experience at Olo! They’ve currently adapted to COVID by only allowing 1 group or person to be at the froyo dispensers at any given time. The frozen yogurts and toppings are always fresh and I think prices are reasonable even when you fill up your cup!

Review β„–22

While cost per oz is about what youd find at any FroYo place, Im thankful they had a vegan vanilla for my lactose issues! And the ice cream made it my 15 min drive home without melting. Fruit was also still cold.

Review β„–23

We purchased gift cards to give to our childrens teachers for holiday gifts. The teachers loved the cards, thank you!We appreciate this Nob Hill treasure.

Review β„–24

Had the pleasure of coming here on a trip to visit my niece and nephew since it was there favorite spot around, so of course we had to check it out. Honestly had the most refreshing flavors i think i filled my bowl with at least half of them. But above all else they keep it clean with a modern but homey vibe. Checks out for me!

Review β„–25

Tasty. Very clean. Lots of options

Review β„–26

Great treat

Review β„–27

I saw them holding this brand ice cream in S4E11 of breaking bad so very epic.

Review β„–28

Very yummy! Tons of toppings that are fresh, and many yogurt flavors to choose from. I love the fro-yo dividers to keep flavors from mixing. Also its super cute inside!

Review β„–29

Delicious fro yo! They always have a solid variety of flavors with a couple of sorbet options and a great selection of fresh toppings. Very clean shop with friendly staff.

Review β„–30

Amazing, as always. The girl there was really nice even when it was time to close. You dont see that in meny places. Big KUDOS to her!!!

Review β„–31

Great frozen yogurt for an estimated $5-7 a cup with delicious toppings that range from cookie crumbles to fresh fruit and broken up waffle cone crumbles. Great environment and they sell the yogurt by pint for $4 in their amazing flavors. I love it!!!

Review β„–32

Owned by UNM alumni. I like it more than Munchies (on Montgomery Ave.). They have different flavors and toppings. I just had salted caramel corn that tasted like a sweet popcorn. I also had Carlsbad Chocolate and Gone Bananas. They give you tasting cups. They have dividers so that the different flavors do not mix if you do not want to.

Review β„–33

Great place to hangout, always a great selection of yogurts, friendly employees and always clean.100% will visit when the quarantine is over.

Review β„–34

Very tasty, do it yourself little buffet. Its a friendly, laid-back place. The yogurt cup is weighed when done preparing and cost is by weight.

Review β„–35

Delicious! Great to go with friends, family, or a date. Good sorbet flavors.

Review β„–36

Very good yummy stuff

Review β„–37

Amazing dessert! Local themed flavors and amazing! This is my go to place to satisfy my sweet tooth :)

Review β„–38

Pretty standard quality Fro-Yo, nice workers & clean place.

Review β„–39

Closes at 11? Was there at 10:28 and the doors were locked!! Place looked good for a late night sugar craving. Drove all the way across town to turn around drive back home. Not to mention that was the first impression. Closing early makes the place seem lazy. I get it’s a Sunday night but when people are in line and we just awkwardly stand there outside while they get helped when the place is supposedly open.Keep it consistent. To menchie’s we stay..All in all the place from the outside does look great. And I’m sure it’s a good place to chill, just need better staffing.

Review β„–40

Stopped in to Olo this past weekend and it was quite the experience! There arent quite as many flavors as some other FroYo places, but the flavors they DO have are phenomenal. I tried 3 different flavors and topped it off with Apple Jacks and Hot Fudge. This is a place Ill be returning to over and over again for sure! Even better? Its a local business!

Review β„–41

The ABSOLUTE best froyo place ever!! Ive been coming here since I was 4

Review β„–42

Love this frozen yogurt shop! Its a locally owned business with wonderful customer service. I eat at this place at least once a month!

Review β„–43

Pricey yet delicious!! They sell by weight. Wide variety of toppings that they mix up often. Love the fresh fruit. Reduced-priced cartons of retired flavors are available.

Review β„–44

This place is a lot of fun. I really prefer it over ice cream. The Italian Tart is my favorite with strawberries on top. Best from fro-yo in town by a long shot.

Review β„–45

Very good clean..just wish they had more fresh fruit!

Review β„–46

Good little yogurt shop. Super fun colors and great flavors. Smells a little bit like a pool in there, but other than that it’s pretty darn good.

Review β„–47

Typical fro yo. Seating is limited and parking can be difficult downtown. Toss in the homeless folks wandering around outside, cant give five stars.

Review β„–48

I have had a pleasant experience every time Ive gone here. Its a little small but thats okay. I cant say anything bad about this place.

Review β„–49

Awesome service!

Review β„–50

Flavorful frozen yogurt with as many toppings as you want. Pay by the ounce with specials for cold days.

Review β„–51

My wife and I go there often, and it is good frozen yogurt. They work a little too hard to cater to the college crowd and people in their late teens and early twenties oh, but the yogurt is good.

Review β„–52

Its fine. The boba place next door is better.

Review β„–53

I love the ice cream from here so much. It’s about 7$ for the full cup. Also they’re trans friendly πŸ˜‹

Review β„–54

I love taking my kids here!

Review β„–55

Great yogurt

Review β„–56

Good service

Review β„–57

Fro yo was good, but that place could use a cleaning. Floors were dirty, benches and stools torn tables not cleaned. Not sure what happened, but this place isnt the same.

Review β„–58

Today on Wednesday 2nd January @9:30 the studio is closed.According to their website they are closing @10:30. I came from a far distance but they cannot make fun of their customers like this. Atleast mention it somewhere if the studio is closing early.So unprofessional people. Wasted my precious time.

Review β„–59

Its a great little shop with wonderful flavors and nice toppings. The only downside is that the place runs out of seating quickly during peak times, but that only shows how popular it is.

Review β„–60

Decent flavor selection most of the time. Nice treat on a warm night. Yummy!

Review β„–61

Great place to visit. The staff are friendly. Each and every time I go there they never ever have watermelon!πŸ˜€πŸ€”

Review β„–62

Always new flavors with a local flair, lots of toppings to choose from best thing to do on Nob Hill!!

Review β„–63

My familys favorite fro yo joint. Good standby flavors and fun rotating flavors.

Review β„–64

Froyo! Good prices, good selection, self-serve. The space has indoor seating, is always clean, and the toppings are always plentiful. Never have I encountered an out of order machine, a mess, or anything negative.

Review β„–65

This is my favorite froyo in town. It has a rotating selection of flavors so it is also fun to see what is new. The service is always great.

Review β„–66

I love it!!!My new favorite frozen yogurt place in ABQ! β™‘The red velvet and the glazed pineapple its my most favorite!The employees are super sweet and attentive. Jacon was very kind and informative about how to get rewards for free yogurt!

Review β„–67

Great froyo! They have some really tasty vegan options too.

Review β„–68

I have been here many, many times. They always change their flavors to some kind of local inspiration such as chilis and watermelon (aka Sandias). They have a great option for topping including mini local Rebel Donuts! I give it 5 stars because Im never disappointed and the service is great.

Review β„–69

One of my favorite froyo shops. They have happy hour during the week and in the winter there is a cold weather discount if the temperature drops low enough.

Review β„–70

Olo is delicious. Great frozen yogurt. My only complaint is that there are not many flavors to choose from.

Review β„–71

Great place. Amazing treats and service.

Review β„–72

Great place for local froyo. They have rotating flavors, so theres always something new.

Review β„–73


Review β„–74

One of my favorite spots for a treat with less little top no guilt.

Review β„–75

Olo is awesome. Great flavors and toppings, and when its cold weather outside you get a discount!

Review β„–76

Great ice cream / yogurt. Good service. Gives back to the community. Cien Aguas says THANK YOU!

Review β„–77

I wish Olo carried more flavors, but overall I have always had a wonderful experience here. The staff is great.

Review β„–78

Great location. Love Nob Hill Area and this is right next to Chocolate Dude.

Review β„–79

Olo is the best frozen yogurt place in Albuquerque. Ive had Menchies and Uswirl and they were watered down versions of froyo. Olo always has a wonderful taste of smooth with the best flavors, the best toppings and the best workers. I wish there was more than one location, but Im willing to travel because its worth it. Great job Olo team! plus I love the fact they always have brownies :)

Review β„–80

The best yogurt in Albuquerque! I love it hereπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Review β„–81

The employees are nice and the yogurt is delicious.

Review β„–82

GO TO MENCHIES INSTEAD! Worst customer service in Nob Hill😞Okay so first,don’t be mislead by the stars. I have to put at least one to leave a comment. So I brought my 2 kids and husband to get fro yo! Right, summertime is fun and fro yo is β€œsupposed to be fun”. Not here folks. We looked past the fact they have a very limited selection of both flavors and toppings. The very rude tall larger woman standing at the counter without the slightest smile should be working security or some type of business like that because she made us all feel uncomfortable just walking in the door and I dreaded walking to the register. So we put our bowls on the scale. $25 good price. Mind you the store is full they have been getting customers all day. My husband pulls out a $100 bill. She just stares at him like in the weird off putting aggressive way she did when we walked in. But says nothing. He says can you take this handing her the bill? She didn’t even look in her register to check before she points out the doors directing him across the street to Kelly’s brew pub to break the $100. I’m quite sure they don’t appreciate her doing that btw. They said so. Anyway we are sitting in the booth watching our fro yo melt because we couldn’t start eating it until he handed her the cold hard cash she wouldn’t accept to begin with. My 3 year old wants chocolate. So I told my son to grab her bowl and throw choc chips in it before the final weigh. When he walks up the woman puts her hand on the bowl and asks my son what he’s doing? He says he’s adding chips to the fro yo. She glares for another awkward moment then allows him to. He puts the bowl back up on the scale as we wait for poor Kelly’s to break the bill and watch as our bowls full of fro yo are melting. Finally I get up and realize that I don’t have to put up with this horrific customer service experience and tell her I’m taking my family all the way to Menchies in far NE Heights instead as they actually offer a good experience to their customers. Needless to say Menchies was awesome more flavors more toppings and employees who made us feel like the valued customers we are. Don’t waste your time with this place. If you can’t drive to NE Heights just go to Frost next door.

Review β„–83

Reminds me of all the other FroYo places in town. Nothing out of the ordinary except its location.

Review β„–84

Cool Place with great Frozen Yoghurt! The flavors are limited but there are plenty of toppings to choose from.

Review β„–85

Olo has the best frozen yogurt and rotate their flavors regularly so theres always something new!

Review β„–86

They had few frozen yogurt flavors but lots of toppings, its very expensive but right in the middle of Nob Hill. The staff is great and the place is clean. Not my first choice, but if Im in Nob Hill and get a hankering for froyo, Ill check Olo out.

Review β„–87

Great flavors that change, and a large selection of toppings. Park on a side street or in the parking garage underneath the building.

Review β„–88

I like any place where you buy things by weight, it really makes you responsible for your serving size, no blaming them when your yogurt weighs 3lbs!

Review β„–89

I love happy hour, excellent service.

Review β„–90

Always a great place for a super desert.

Review β„–91

I love Olo! Be sure to check their website every once in a while, too, because while they only have 8 flavors at any given time, they rotate them quite regularly.

Review β„–92

My favorite froyo place since 2010.

Review β„–93

The best buy for 12$ if your in the nob hill area

Review β„–94

Customer service is sometimes varied but overall a good local business with a quality product.

Review β„–95

Great frozen yogurt and toppings. Staff member was not very friendly at my most recent visit.

Review β„–96

Good Yogurt/ cost OK/ Relaxing...

Review β„–97

I love it. They have a rich topping bar and it is always clean and fresh.

Review β„–98

Vanilla frozen yogurt was good but the place had a funky smell. It was unpleasant

Review β„–99

They need a wider selection of flavors add more flavors please

Review β„–100

Its not that bad, great flavors!

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  • Address:3339 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 505-750-4656
  • Frozen yogurt shop
  • Dessert shop
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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