Four Winds Travel Center
2401 12th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, United States
Four Winds Travel Center
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This was my go-to place, when I was working! They have just about everything before work and after work!😜 Theres Breakfast, lunch and probably dinner with all the drinks you possibly could choose from. Four Wings I think has the best Cigars because they have a great walk-in Aroma Room Humidor! WowπŸ˜ƒ and bathrooms to NM gasπŸ’¨πŸ€­ get it?

Review β„–2

Shout out to the sooper dope cashier who gave me the #DYING2LIVE Band right off of her arm. My mom passed away from breast cancer in April.Polite, Thoughtful, caring.Thank you dear.

Review β„–3

Cool store. Growlers are a unique experience. Had never had one.

Review β„–4

Went to post a Google review and was asked to leave the store, even going to be a positive review until the manager Melanie and security patrol Bernard forced me out. I would recommend removing Google Business Map so that it will not allow posts from customers. They have a great selection of goods but do not wish anyone to photograph anything...wonder why. Contact Google Corp headquarters to remove pictures and Google Business Map listing

Review β„–5

Always lowest priced cigarettes, often lowest or competitive priced gas. Besides typical gas station /convenience store items, they have a few Pueblo items {horno bread, ceramic Pueblo-designed travel mugs}, local craft beer growler fills and a liquor section, and a cigar humidor room. The drive up window is only for cig CARTONS.

Review β„–6

Four Winds has been my spot for years for smokes and gas. The staff and Felicia the manager of the store have always treated me real good and are always super friendly I’m always walking out the store laughing or smiling … with that being said I love this place !!

Review β„–7

I just love good to Four Winds, Im not used to paying almost 10$ for a pack of cigarettes. The Native cigs are great and have a great flovor. The price is right also trying then you might like them. I love the workers they are so friendly and service is fast.

Review β„–8

I like this place for two reasons, cheap cigarettes and beer. They have some of the best local beer in town at great prices. Growlers come in 32oz and 64oz sizes and refills are only $3.99 and $7.49 respectively. All the beer is brewed fresh locally. Plus they have a large selection of local beers on hand from most of the local breweries. The workers are friendly and polite. This is just a wonderful place for trying out local beers.

Review β„–9

I love this place!! If you need cigarettes you can buy a carton of generic cigarettes for $34.99 no tax!!!

Review β„–10

It An Alright Place! The Cigarettes Are Not As Cheap As They Used To Be Here I Can Gt Any Marlboro Pack Cheaper At Speedway For 1-2$ Cheaper But A Decent Place To Shop At And Good Selection Of Cigs And Drinks!

Review β„–11

They treat you like family, it is why I have been using them for so many years. Over 20 years. They will ALWAYS treat you with respect even thou so many others dont ?Patrick

Review β„–12

Great place to buy cigarettes good prices fast drive up service.

Review β„–13

I had a flat tire and changed it here, but the spare needed air. The machine wasn’t working, but the employees there went out of their way to get a compressor out and pump my tire up. These are good people, can’t thank them enough! The facility was also quite nice.

Review β„–14

Usually have good service here, but today after being told we close from 1 to 2 every day. With this whole pandemic going on. Like I should have known this was a little rude. Other then that have been going here for gas and smokes for years. Been good up until recently.

Review β„–15

Great selection, and alot to choose from.! But the security guard and staff were rude.

Review β„–16

Anywhere with Travel Center in the name is usually a pretty good stop! Lots of snacks and drinks to be found; especially in this large store. We walked inside while waiting for our uber after visiting the nearby Cultural Center. Grabbed a few waters from the friendly cashier and went on our way. Big place with nice service!

Review β„–17

Cheap smokes and cool touristy stuff!

Review β„–18

The staff is super friendly and the prices are great. =)

Review β„–19

Locked my keys in my car which Security, for the Co, does not have the authority to do anything except walk you inside and ask to use the landline for assistance from a third-party or family etc. if you were swift enough like me to have leave your cellphone next to your keys. Staff always very nice as well as Security.

Review β„–20

It was new Rewards card day at my favorite smoke shop and I got to say thumbs up on those assisted the customers on our rainy day Wednesday. Customers were slow and difficult giving information. Friendly they were but the regulars wanted to do nothing more than hang out and conversate and thats what they did. Your Rewards Club computer helpers were patient and treated each individual with their time and respect and I like that. People matter and great attitudes guys at the shop. And the security team as well.Whether youre local or just in the area coming in for a great deal, this business has employees that always make you feel welcome

Review β„–21

Usually get gas and cigarettes here. People are friendly and fast. Very reasonable prices. A good place to be.

Review β„–22

Best place to go in town for cheap cigarettes! Huge selection when it comes to snacks and drinks too. & friendly cashiers & employees!

Review β„–23

They carry general snus at a very reasonable price and gas is always cheaper here than neighboring filling stations.

Review β„–24

Great prices on tobacco because its reservation owned. Gas is inexpensive also but poor quality. Staff is generally nice. Its not the best place to get in & out quickly as there is always a line.

Review β„–25

I buy cigarettes here as there is no tax. They have a new security guard that requests that you leave your backpack at the door to use the bathroom. I explained my wallet, keys passport etc were in the backpack and I wasnt leaving it by the front door. After arguing he finally opened the bathroom door for me and it was gross. When I told him so he told me to report it. Everyone else there is great, though.

Review β„–26

Has Drive-thru for carton cigarettes, low prices on Indian brands. Gives reward points.

Review β„–27

Real good prices an tobacco and gasoline. Real busy store and 100% good customer service.Love this place.

Review β„–28

I love this place they have everything you need even no taxes!

Review β„–29

Worst place to get gas. You cant. Too many cars cant get a pump. Its occupied by the rudest people in Albuquerque. Rude Albuquerque north valley people will cut you off risking an accident to get to the pump.

Review β„–30

Best gas in town. I do a lot of traveling and this is the only gas that last me. Great gas and cheap price!!!!

Review β„–31

If you smoke and need anything thats related they have it.

Review β„–32

Great place to gas up. Staff is always vary friendly. Prices are always good.

Review β„–33

Best prices I found for tobacco and tubes

Review β„–34

They had Mickeys at a lower price than most

Review β„–35

Great place to gas up. Great gas prices

Review β„–36

Run of the mill gas station, nothing special.. what stands out about last nights visit is their rude security guard near refusing to unlock the rest room and stating that theyre for paying customers only. I left and went to gas up and buy snacks at Loves down the way. I wont ever be back here again.

Review β„–37

If you 🚬 smoke it they got it !!!πŸŽŠπŸ˜πŸŽ‰

Review β„–38

Great prices on smokes and decent prices on gas.

Review β„–39

Over charged card. Refused to refund it. Called security over to kick me out after refusing to refund the card. Worst expirence ever. You stole our food money for the next couple days. Thanks.

Review β„–40

My bfs cigarettes are a reasonable price, and gas is normally pretty cheap.

Review β„–41

Favorite place to go fer smokes.

Review β„–42

Love it although Im not sure of the hours its open

Review β„–43

Been getting my wife tobacco here for years great prices

Review β„–44

I went to put my last 4$ I told the lady 7 I even took a step back to check and make sure I said the right pump cuz I did want this to happen sure enough I went to pump my gas click nothing I went back and told the lady u sure u put it on seven u know what she said ooh u said 1 I got so upset then I talked to the manager and he said theres nothing they can do about it I left and ran out of gas down the street me and my son had to wait for our family to get off work I missed an interview and all please dont get burned make sure the deaf people can hear you

Review β„–45

I buy all of my smoking products here i love the prices!!!!!! $5 for a pack of Marlboros cant beat that!

Review β„–46

I have never seen a gas station that has hours to use the rest room . That was upsetting had to go across the street to use the bathroom.

Review β„–47

Good prices nice people

Review β„–48

Worst place to find food. and Security Follows you Just Rude. I read labels I dont just buy anything.

Review β„–49

Lot of filling stations,Lottery availableShop is quite bigFriendly staff

Review β„–50

Dont honor the prices listed in the soda case.

Review β„–51

I buy my smokes here

Review β„–52

Clean cheap cigarettes

Review β„–53

Rude. Unprofessional. Dirty.

Review β„–54

Great service

Review β„–55

Pumps cut off at $50.00 and then say see cashier when you swipe a second time -- very inconvenient when you have a pickup truck that needs 35 gallons at a time.

Review β„–56

Not bad

Review β„–57

I love this spot!!!!!

Review β„–58

Love it

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Review β„–60

Quick and easy usually

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  • Address:2401 12th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 505-724-3527
  • Convenience store
  • ATM
  • Gas station
  • Liquor store
Working hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:6AM–10PM
  • Sunday:6AM–10PM
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