Wheel Repair Guys of NM
3300 Princeton Dr NE #22, Albuquerque, NM 87107, United States
Wheel Repair Guys of NM
Review №1

I just had my S2000 cylinder head cover powder coated by these guys. It turned out great. Conner did an excellent job. And it only took a few days.

Review №2

After & before the repair. Awesome service and awesome quality!

Review №3

They did an awesome job repairing 2 rims for me! Very professional and friendly. Walked me through the process and showed and explained the damage and set appropriate expectations to allow me to make a decision. Reasonably priced and problem is fixed!! Really appreciate, and highly recommend! Thank you!

Review №4

I scuffed my rim on a curb. It was a small scuff, but small enough to annoy the hell out of me. I called Wheel Repair Guys of NM, and they got me in the next day for a reasonable price. While there, I spoke to the owners Dad for an hour, he was really cool. Service took about an hour. They offered me the TV to watch and refreshments. This is an excellent repair shop and they paint really nice custom rims. They work well with customers too. Thanks again!

Review №5

The pictures speak for themselves! So happy with my wheel repair. Those are the before and the after. Minor curb damage. Lesson learned!

Review №6

Everyone in Albuquerque knows about our HORRIBLE STREETS & ROADS! Nothing new about the chuck holes & bumps. But, while going East on I-40, just east of the on ramp @ Eubank, I hit a sizable piece of concrete that was kicked out of one these bottomless abyss potholes. We were on our way to get 2 young dogs we adopted. We were at their home for 2 hours getting familiar with our 2 new handsom boys. Upon leaving we discovered a flat tire on the wheel that hit the concrete. After inspecting the damaged tire & wheel, it was evident we were going to need both replaced. Just for grins, I started calling various rim repair companies, but no one could or would repair my bent factory 20 aluminum wheel. A new OEM wheel through Ford was $1000 plus $250 for a new matching tire, both had to be ordered. Finally, after many calls, one guy referred me to Wheel Repair Guys of NM. What a life saver. They not only repaired the flat area on the wheel, they got it back in factory specs. The only visible sign of damage was a scuff on the inside rim edge where it is not seen, not worth the cost or effort to fix. The wheel looks great. They fixed it at a very reasonable price & in good time, especially since I dropped it off on Friday @ 5 pm. It was ready by Tuesday morning. I still had to buy a tire, but ended up getting 4 new tires instead because mine were 8 years old, with only 25k miles, only 1/3rd worn. I highly recommend this company to anyone with physical & cosmetic damage to their pretty rims. They are slammed with work while bouncing back from pandemic down time, but are also looking for help. A great company with a great owner. I will never use anyone else for wheel damage repair. Thanks Wheel Guys!

Review №7

It was great. Very professional and willing to help. The work was fabulous

Review №8

Very responsive and professional.Clean waiting area. Andrew was awesome. Went in for a rim rash and rim looks new.

Review №9

Great job! My husband took his Porsche to Wheel Repair Guys of NM and what a job ... the rims look brand new and the ride is much improved.Were keeping their business card, for sure! Thanks! John Calcott

Review №10

These guys are the REAL DEAL for taking OEM factory wheels and calipers to a while other level! Timely professional service second to none in New Mexico.

Review №11

Awesome work, good prices, good turnaround times. I have had several wheels and parts powdercoated by these guys, always pleased with the results.

Review №12

Good service went the extra mile to make sure my steel wheels were as clean as possible for a restoration project. Would recommend and will use them again.

Review №13

Got a bent rim and dealer wanted to replace it. Call these guys and had same day service; the rim was fixed perfectly and the vibration in the car is gone, great job and fair price ( a fraction of replacing the rim). Highly recommend for anyone needing tire services.

Review №14

AMAZING!!! The powder coat finish on my wheels turned out exactly like I wanted and I was extremely pleased with the quality of work done on them.

Review №15

Didn’t know this shop existed until today, but I took my car to Discount Tire and they informed me I had a bent rim. My options were to buy a new OEM rim for $800+ or a full aftermarket set for a bit more! Instead l, I brought my tire here and they were able to repair in 30m for a fraction of other solutions.Fair prices, honest advise, professional service provider. All around amazing shop.

Review №16

I am totally impressed. These guys are the best. Their prices are great and their work is very high quality and their fast. You couldnt ask for more.

Review №17

I would like to thank Eddy and Andrew at Wheel Repair Guys of New Mexico for all the amazing work they do. I have seen many wheel repairs they have done over the last 6 years and powder coats! Best work you will get in New Mexico!

Review №18

Amazing team and hands down the best quality of any wheel repair company. Prices are also extremely reasonable.

Review №19

Really great experience. They fixed my bent rim in no time. Would go here again if needed.

Review №20

Very nice, professional technicians and I really had a great moment with the staff over there. .much love in New Mexico, Albuquerque...2020 USA...crazy 6 on the 6...yup🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃❤💙🤍❤💙🤍

Review №21

Incredibly honest wheel repair company. I will definitely come here for all my wheel needs.

Review №22

Great place to get custom wheels restored at a fraction of the cost of new. They will polish out even the deepest scratches and scrapes as though they were never there. They have added a wheel lathe to restore machined wheels. Appointment only but they can usually get you in quickly. You will love the look of your restored wheels.

Review №23

Had a bent BMW wheel. The wheel was repaired quickly and professionally. Shop was very detailed on how the wheel was repaired and how it was bent.

Review №24

We just had a set of wheels refinished with a new powder coat color. The guys at the shop put up with our questions and helped us pick the perfect color for our wheels. I cant thank them enough for their help and professionalism!Dont hesitate to go see them.

Review №25

I took in a set of very expensive Billet aluminum 22” wheels. (I should note, EVERY SHOP in town has turned me away because my wheels are a liability because they are too soft or too expensive!). Wheel repair guys didn’t hesitate and put tires on and repaired 2 huge barrel scratches that happened while driving too low and my bed side rubbed the wheel. They took them in with no appointment and turned them extremely fast! They even polished the repaired portion and it looked better than new! These wheels were $1250.00 each and wheel repair guys saved me hundreds in shipping if I would have sent them back to the manufacturer for repairs!! Highly recommend and the only shop that will touch my wheels from now on!

Review №26

Good work and reasonably priced.

Review №27

Was recommended this wheel shop by a good friend and these are Honest guys doing honest work. Thought I needed My wheel straightened and they told me everything was going to be okay. Didn’t give me a run around and try to do work I didnt Need or have to pay for. Highly recommend.

Review №28

An abrasive wheel cleaner had damaged the paint on my 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S. AWR evaluated them and tried their best to simply fix them but the damage was too deep. They recommended stripping the paint and then powder coating the wheels. It turned out phenomenally and I couldn’t be more pleased with their work and the outcome. They were very professional and I would highly recommend them without reservation.

Review №29

Excellent work, courteous and very friendly! Waiting room was comfortable with water, coffee and cable tv. Had my Q50 Red Sport front wheel fixed after I curbed it (a 3 inch and a 6 inch curb rash) The job was professionally done and done quickly (a little under an hour) I honestly cant tell where it was curbed (and My wife and I botched looked) and the paint matches perfectly and it is a hyper silver colored wheel. Truly AMAZING is all I can say. If you want the best go to the best. Thank you Alloy Wheels.

Review №30

They did a great job and it was very affordable

Review №31

Had some rim rash on my brand new Tesla Model 3... (yeah, my parallel parking skills arent great) - These guys are masters - I couldnt tell you where the damage was at if you offered me money. Price was 1/3 the cost of a new rim, absolutely worth it.

Review №32

These guys were super nice and quick with taking a look to evaluate my cracked wheel and recommended replacement rather than a more costly repair with them, which I really appreciated. They gave me good local referrals for parts and give good professional customer service. Well definitely use them again if needed.

Review №33

Picked up my new car Tuesday, seriously curbed a wheel Wednesday. Yes, I am. Spent Thursday researching fixes including buying new and buying reconditioned. Twice I was referred to Alloy Wheel and Repair by shops I trust...for good reason. Had the repair done on Friday. Heres the text I sent following the repair... I just got home and did a close inspection. You are a genius! It is magnificent! Thank you. Yes, theyre that good. Thank you Andrew.

Review №34

The wheels on my car were pretty scratched up because for years I had tires that mounted behind the lip of the rims. I got a new set of tires that had a protective lip extending past the rims and went in search of a way to deal with all the damage. Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists were the answer! I got a reference from a reputable body shop Ive used before who sends all the rims they need fixed to AWRS. They gave me an honest and straight-forward quote, scheduled an appointment, and did the work they said they would do for the price they promised and on the schedule they committed to. These guys are car enthusiasts and they want to make everything right. If you have any concerns theyll fix it for you. This is much less expensive and just as high-quality as a new set of rims!I had this work done in order to prepare my car for sale. As a testament to the quality job, my car got $2500 above book value as it was in outstanding condition since the rims were perfect.Thanks guys!

Review №35

They never called back.....

Review №36

Just bought a new car and had Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists change the color of the wheels to satin black. The results are outstanding. Very happy. Thanks guys.

Review №37

Great, honest workers. Would reccomend to anyone who needs wheel work because they won’t make you pay for things that aren’t necessary. They clearly explained everything that we needed done and eased our worries before driving across the country.

Review №38

Positively the best wheel repair and customer service available. Ive used Eddie and his team for multiple repair jobs as well as custom paint jobs on wheels and had absolutely fantastic experiences every time. I recommend them to everyone I meet.

Review №39

So upset with myself for getting a curb rash of my Tesla. The shop got it completely repaired. Like it never happened.I give it two thumbs up and 5 stars!!

Review №40

Great crew. These guys are sharp, friendly and go out of their way to make sure the customer gets the best deal. Highly recommended.

Review №41

Great customer service. Took my truck in to have the tires balanced. They have a top of the line road force tire balancer and know what they are doing. I no longer go to discount tire, I buy them online and bring it here to get balanced. I highly recommend!Update (12/30/18): Just had the OEM wheels on my 2019 F250 powder coated matte black. It looks amazing, much better than expected. Special thanks to Eddie and his crew for doing such an outstanding job!

Review №42

WOW! I had curbed my NEW car and I thought I had done irreparable damage to my rim. Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists did an amazing job fixing my rim. Just goes to show - expertise is everything! I truly hope I dont have the need to come back (curbs jumping in front of me! LOL) however, if the need arises I will definitely be back and I am letting everyone I know what a great job that was done!! Thank you!!!!

Review №43

Quick service, quality work, reasonable prices.

Review №44

Excellent and Honest! I contacted Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists to get a quote on repairing one of the wheels on my 2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring, which had minor curb rash and peeling paint. Instead of providing the quote and charging me $$ to repair the wheel, Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists informed me that the peeling paint was a manufacturing issue and covered under the vehicle warranty. Based on this information, I contacted the Mazda dealership and was able to get 4 brand new wheels installed on the car via the warranty. $0 out of pocket.

Review №45

I had new wheels installed. The shop was recommended by 2 other people for rim repair. I didnt feel like I lost control of my car. They let me drive into the bay and also take it out when it was finished. The waiting room is nice and you can tell they care about their customers. I as well highly recommend the shop.

Review №46

I was so upset about my curbing of my rim. So I checked these guys out and not only were they willing to do it the same day I asked but they were very Professional. If anybody has a rash on their rims I suggest to take it to these guys👍

Review №47

I had a bent rim causing alot of vibration in the car .. i had it straighened out here, very professional and honest ! reasonably priced.. great business, thanks Andrew.

Review №48

Brought in Wife’s Mustang Rims with a few scars on the rims. Rims looked brand new......Great job👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Review №49

Manager of store was very unhelpful. Didnt even want me to bring my rim in he just said its not repairable. A tiny dent, easy to access was not repairable. Without even looking at it! Then in text told me he was going to give meloy Las lunas a bad review thinking I was someone from that dealership that he had previous problems with if I put a bad review on his page. I never been associated or have done business with meloy las lunas. Again horrible service.

Review №50

Terrific service. I shipped them my dented rim, and they shipped it back.

Review №51

Alloy painted the wheels on my new Porsche--timely, efficient, excellent job--did exactly what they contracted to do and faster than I ever imagined--strongly recommend them

Review №52

$800 to take off corrosion 😳 no Im good thanks.

Review №53

They took fantastic care of us and my McLaren when we needed the center hub painted highly recommended

Review №54

Amazing work. I rashed two of my brand new vossen wheels graphite color on my 2017 Tesla these guys were very careful with my car and repaired my wheels to brand new again PERFECT match im very very happy. Thanks

Review №55

These guys converted to my Chrome JK Wheels to a gunmetal gray finish. Couldnt be happier with the finished product.

Review №56

Took in an absolutely gnarly looking rim damaged on a gravel road after a flat. Was not sure what to expect, but wow, its like new and for half the price of a new rim. Dropped it off, ran a few errands, picked up a new tire and the rim was ready to go. If you have an expensive rim see what these guys can do.

Review №57

Outstanding service, very professional and respectful. I will return to have my wheels repainted.

Review №58

They have done work on our rims twice now and do an awesome job! I would recommend them to anyone I know!

Review №59

Fantastic service and Fantastic Staff.

Review №60

Great service

Review №61

Great service!

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