Hanayagi the Japanese Garden Shop
2935 Louisiana Blvd NE # C, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States
Hanayagi the Japanese Garden Shop
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Wow, what a great find. My daughter was very interested in a Bonsai tree. We stopped in having no clue about where to start or what to get. Mary was so friendly and helpful in answering all of our questions, and more importantly sharing her knowledge and recommendations about where to start. She did not push anything on us, try to upsale, or have us buy the most expensive tree. We left with a cute little Fukein Tea Tree that blooms little white flowers. My daughter was in love.They have a great variety of other garden items, and I was intrigued with the assortment of Japanese cooking ingredients, utensils, and lessons. It is a very unique store that requires a peek inside.

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Hols a lot of beautiful items. Personel was helpful. CoVid safety certified.

Review №3

I absolutely love this shop and could spend all day just looking around and talking to the owner who is gracious, inviting, very nice and possesses great knowledge in the Japanese culture. Owner/operator not only took her time trying to help me find what I was looking for but she directed me to another shop when I was unable to find exactly what I was wanting for my mothers birthday. I happily found/purchased the perfect gift for my mother but I would have never found it without all of this owners assistance. I have already returned to this shop multiple times, had great conversations with the owner and have found many unique and beautiful pieces. There really is no other place like it in Albuquerque.

Review №4

I cannot recommend this business. The items within the shop are nice, but, unfortunately, I have never felt welcome in this shop for as long as I can recall. The last time I visited this shop (2018), I was looking for a kimono for engagement photos in celebration of my Afro-Japanese heritage and my upcoming wedding. It meant a great deal to me to marry the love of my life and to embrace who I am as a mixed-race woman. When I inquired about kimonos in the shop, it was clear there were none in my size, but I received a lecture about body types appropriate for traditional kimonos and to not bother trying to be traditional. Just simply telling me there were none in my size would have been sufficient, minus the rude lecture. My pursuit of a kimono did not deserve that conversation. I am very aware that I do not have a Japanese body or even face, and that conversation was unpleasant, inappropriate, and culturally insensitive. After that uncomfortable conversation, I did receive a great tip to create a modified kimono for my photos which I did. I do plan to have a custom traditional kimono made regardless of my appearance, and I will wear it. After this past experience in Hanayagi, I will purchase my Japanese items online or travel out of state. I have a traditional Korean hanbok made for me in South Korea in 2015, and even there I did not receive an inappropriate lecture from people that have lived there their entire lives. Saddening to be spoken to like that here in Albuquerque, for no real reason at all.

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I have enjoyed shopping for unique gifts and visiting with the owner, Mary, for several years. I also sell textiles on consignment and Mary has always been supportive, easy to work with and knowledgeable. Hanayagi is a great way to ‘visit’ Japan.

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Hanayagi The Japanese Garden Shop is a great store in Japan. Mary has many offering from traditional Japanese incense, gardening tools, tea supplies and one of the largest assortments of ikebana supplies in the USA. Mary has always been helpful whenever I have a question. Hanayagi is a gem in Albuquerque!

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A beautiful store, quite unusual for Albuquerque. We have been coming to Marys store for the past four years, and have been impressed by the our overall experience.The store is quiet and serene, and is filled with high quality, authentic items - many handmade by Japanese artisans including the beautiful ceramic vases from the traditional kilns of Japan. Its hard to find good Japanese antiques and items that arent kitschy or cheap knock-offs - these are the real thing.Mary is very knowledgeable about the items as well - I remember she explained about a beautiful bamboo lattice that was on display and how it was handmade by Japanese artisans that unfortunately is a dying art, and the way she is so knowledgeable about the Japanese culture and explains it to you, you can really tell this is her passion and she has spent her life learning about Japan.Mary is very helpful too, and very considerate of her customers. She is always happy to help you if you need help, but also lets you browse on your own if you want to do that as well. I love the way that she carefully wraps your purchase to ensure that it will survive the journey home intact - she really shows her care and dedication to her customers and her items.Whether youre looking for handmade Japanese woodprints, beautiful silk kimono, books and information about Japan, bonsai, or ikebana ceramic vases and snips, there is something for everyone at Hanayagi, and I think we are lucky to have the shop (and Mary!) here in town. Theres nothing else quite like it.

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Always something interesting when I come here. As an Ikebana teacher, I find the containers here nice. This is the only Japanese shop in Albuquerque that I buy Japanese items.

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I love hanayagi,have been shopping, so many beautiful and useful thingsMary is a delightful person, so knowledgeable about Japanese cultureand design.Like entering a magical world.

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Excellent product and customer service. Thank you so much! I will return

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Loved this shop, its a rare find. The owners make it a point to make their guests experiance there unforgettable. Every time !!!

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Such beautiful and unique gift items. Owner/operator was helpful and I will be recommending to my friends and family.

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Hanayagi is the best Japanese shop in the state. The owner is very knowledgeable about Japanese culture, gardens and Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement).

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Nice shop! Found unique garden gift and card with the help of Mary, the owner. Thanks.

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I always find the perfect gift at this lovely Japanese garden store, especially the vast selection of Ikebana containers and greeting cards.

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You can find everything you need for Ikebana and Bonsai here! The items are from Japan, and these are very high quality. The owner is the master of Ikebana, Ichiyo style. She teaches Ikebana class at this shop.

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The woman who owns this store is extremely rude, condescending, and insensitive. Not to mention this store just screams cultural appropriation. I would not recommend shopping here. I’d recommend buying online from an authentic japenese merchant.

Review №18

I always enjoy talking to Mary, she so very knowledgeable.

Review №19

Great shop! Owner was very nice and helpful

Review №20

Beautiful place, very calming!!

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Owners do not care to keep regular hours. Arrived at 11:30 AM on a thursday morning. The shop was closed and a handwritten sign saying Be back after 12 Fast forward to 1:30PM after killing some time at the mall and return to a new sign on the door. Out to Class. Returning at 2PM. An elderly couple saw the sign at the same time and had to leave dejectedly.I ask: what is the point of having posted hours on your storefront, but you do not care to adhere to them? No way to run a business.

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This shop is a great find in New Mexico. Their products are beautiful and unique and the owners very friendly.

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Kinda scary, like walking into someones house thats not neat or organized...very strange.

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Great art

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Beautiful shop, very nice owner

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The place you go to find what you didnt know you needed.

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Beautiful selection of gift items!

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The owner has a solid grasp of Japanese culture.

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Cool place

Review №30

Interesting little shop

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以令 有點 一一

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