Party City
2709 Dawson Rd, Albany, GA 31707, United States
Party City
Review №1

Great selection of odd things all in one place.

Review №2

I like Party City but the service was poor. I dont think they had enough help the day I visited. Im not blaming the 2 staff members that I saw in that big store. If they are trying to stock and take care of customers then management needs to come out and help. I learned along time ago dont ask your employees to do anything you wont do.

Review №3

I drove an hour and a half to this store location I got there at 6:15 and the sign on the door states they close at 5:00 PM but online it says they close at 8:00. Someone needs to get this situated. I was very upset in regards to wasting my time. The lady inside definitely let me know they were closed. So what time do they close?

Review №4

Went to pick up and item called waited 10 min on phone got hung up on. Went inside asked for my items they had a hard time finding them. Finally got them asked for a manager got told there is not manager. I asked again got told there is not one ever the store. Got told do you want to speak to a manager let me got them. Called the manager waited 15 min for a manager no one showedUp or came out the back

Review №5

The staff was more than exceptional. They were fast and super helpful, I had no idea where to find anything. They pointed me in the right direction. Not used to this type of customer service in Albany. Thanks guys!

Review №6

Good location. Store seemed a little unorganized and not well stocked, but that could be because of COVID-19 and the effect its having on businesses.

Review №7

They went above and beyond to assist me. They were polite and attentive. Really truly helpful!

Review №8

Party! City! they are definitely known for having anything you need for our party including candy but the surprises here are really found in the theming. You can find just about anything you need for a party and have the entire thing at your fingertips. Sure you could buy online but being able to pick up same day does still have its advantages!

Review №9

Under staffed but was able to get the help we needed to find the right costume

Review №10

I visited this location today (Saturday) 13th and could not believe my eyes. 28 people standing in line and there was only 1 cashier checking out customers. 2 other employees blowing up balloons and another employee walking around the store. Manager never once suggested opening up another cashiers line. Oh yeah she was with the other employee blowing up balloons.......Actually it should be zero stars!! Store needs some serious oversight!!

Review №11

Customer service is horrible. I come in often to get a 12 balloon bouquet and for 12 balloon it always takes 40 plus mins. ALWAYS. The Albany Ga store is not a location you can come to for in and out its always a horrible experience. ALWAYS.

Review №12

Never can get any help in this store.

Review №13

The ladies that were working there almost refused to help me find what I was lookin for .just really not a helpful environment and never did find what they said they did have anywhere they said it was

Review №14

Very disappointed. I placed an order for a curb side pickup which stated the order would be ready for pick up within 2 hours. After 28 hours had gone by with still no email that my order was ready I called the store. Only to find out that some of the items I had ordered was not in stock. Okay, Im fine with that. But why didnt they fill the remaining items? Why didnt they call me? Then, I was told the items would be ready for pick up by 11:00 am. I went to the curb side pick up and called to let them know I was there. After a total of 30 minutes had gone by I went into the store to get the order which I was shocked to find out still had not been pulled. A month later, 4 days before Halloween I figured I would give them another try. This time I did instore pick up. Once again order was not ready. I highly recommend that you avoid curbside or instore pick. Its just a big waste of your time!

Review №15

Every time I order online,when I get there to pick up, they cant find it. Just a waste of time !!!

Review №16

I went in to buy a Halloween costume. I understand it’s their busiest time of the year, but their staff was extremely rude and not at all helpful. I could not find an associate to ask for a costume so I headed to the register. There was only one associate at checkout and the line was very long. After waiting for about 20mins, I was rudely told to go to the back of the store to ask for it. When I finally found someone, that associate rolled their eyes at me and told me they were out of that particular costume and walked away. I followed them and asked why didn’t they have their sold out list up to date, and their response was, “we just don’t.” I quickly left that store and went to another store for a costume.

Review №17

Kelsey was the best. Even though she was super busy she took the time to help me with my ballon order. Not once did act as if I was bothering her. Thanks Kelsey your the prime example of good customer service

Review №18

Poor customer service. Wife placed an order and was charged for all items. When I went to pick it up. They said they lost it only to have it in the box labeled with my name. When I took it home it was missing one of the items from the order. Wife tried to get her money back only to be met recommend service, ...we cant do that. Honestly didnt care about the money but when I called to get the item she was missing I was put on hold for 10 minutes only to be met with, We dont have them. Would recommend customer service training for the staff. Or maybe hire competent people.

Review №19

I like different choices but they did NOT have Spirit the horse stuff and very disappointed 3 year old. Not much choice on western and really nothing for little girls. But still like other varieties.

Review №20

The wait was too long

Review №21

Has everything youll ever need for awesome party!!

Review №22

I feel sorry for the employees that had to clean up the mess where people were throwing down merchandise instead of putting it back properly. Its a great store. I enjoy all my visits.

Review №23

Not enough cashiers .

Review №24

A very friendly staff.

Review №25

When I visited this location, they were just starting to put up Halloween decorations. The staff was very helpful in assisting me with finding what I was looking for. They went out of their way to look for inventory in the back as well as search the store for particular merchandise. The prices are bit high for the quality of material you receive, but thats just my opinion. Great place to grab unique balloons and party decor. The Halloween costumes are convenient but not worth the price if you plan on wearing it more than once.

Review №26

A great place for favors!

Review №27

Felt at home when entering this store. The people that work here ensured that I found everything I needed to have a great time for my kids birthday party!! Would recommend shopping here to all of my friends for birthday parties and other special occasions.

Review №28

I called to inquire if I bring in my balloons can they blow them up with helium. The person who answered the phone said yes. I drove all the way there for them to tell me that I have to buy their balloons for them to inflate them and they dont sell the Fortnite balloons that I have because they are trademarked. Very frustrating!

Review №29

I have waited in line for over an hour while one poor cashier is busting her tail trying to get everyone checked out and two other employees are blowing up balloons. I understand that blowing up balloons is important, but it is not a two person job, especially when you have at least 10 people in line.

Review №30

I was very surprised at how well organized the store was. Everything was color coded and very easy to find. Plenty of room everywhere makes for pleasant shopping experience.

Review №31

Very nice store to find any Halloween costume for any age and they have just about everything needed for whatever season. They have costumes for kids and adults. Service from the employees was very helpful!!!

Review №32

Poor selection. I had a few things to purchase. Got in the check out line three girls behind the counter. Two left without acknowledging that there were customers in line waiting to check out. After standing there for over 10 minutes I left my buggy and left the store. When I called the store to complain the fist girl that answered put me on hold for over 10 minutes when I asked for the customer service phone number. When another girl finally picked up the phone she did not care to try and help me. I was pretty upset by this point and my voice matched how I felt. The girl refused to give me her name Orr the customer care phone number. And then told me that she didnt have to give me her name because she felt her life was being threatened. When I again asked for the customer care line she told me that she didnt gave to give it to me and hung up. I never once raised my voice or said anything threatening to her only that I wanted to make a complaint about the service I received. When I tried to call back they would not answer the phone. I finally looked up the customer care number and called it to complain. I will never be back.

Review №33

I love this place. Majority of everything I need for an occasion, I can find. Customer Service is great!

Review №34

Friendly service

Review №35

I placed an online pickup order and went to pick it up and waited 35 minutes to get someone to help the poor girl that was being overworked up front. The back never brought the pickup order up front as they were supposed to do to me nor another lady that waited 30 minutes plus. The poor girl up front was supposed to be off work an hour ago and had not been relieved. I watched her manager walk by a few times and neither time did the manager ever help her or go see what was going on in the back. She simply walked around and gossip with other employees. Not only that I never got my money back nor my order. It was conveniently lost or canceled I will not be shopping at Party City again.

Review №36

Looking for Lone Ranger mask. Found it!

Review №37

Sales associates were really helping and friendly. They greated me as I entered, showed me where to find what I was looking for and also gave me a 25% off coupon fornmyntotak purchase today!!!! Super excited I was able to enjoy my visit and save some money. I will return!

Review №38

The manager on duty today has been absolutely amazing. I went in there with NO idea on what I wanted, but she was patient with me and more than willing to help.

Review №39

The Mrs. is looking forward to going to a 20s themed soon, so she figured lets try party city. The roaring 20s was a time marked by stunning outfits glamorous people who knew how to dress. Check out the movie, The great Gatspy and youll see what I mean. It is a good thing Party city have a lot of accessories the wife was looking for to complete her atire. They even had few things for me to add to the feel of that particular period of time. The prices were reasonable and not too crazy either. I would definitely recommend you going to party city for your parties needs. If you are looking for hard to accessories for guys, gals, and little ones this is your place. Im glad we got one here.

Review №40

It was simply a mad house because of last minute costume shopping. I wont do that again. The staff was helpful, despite chaotic conditions in store. Unfortunately, the store was a mess and things were difficult to locate. Overall experience was fine, but its been better. I did factor in it was the day before Halloween lol

Review №41

Great staff with wonderful personalities. Super clean store.

Review №42

Everything is pretty reasonable

Review №43

They have nice decorations for parties or weddings. Prices are kind of high.

Review №44

I love this place, convenience when planning a party,the cashier are okay could be better n the prices are not out of hand...

Review №45

I Went To Party City And Loved It. The Staff Was VERY Helpful And Kind. The Costumes, Makeup, And Candy Was Organized.

Review №46

Well stocked and fast check out.

Review №47

I buy most of my wedding stuff from party city. And the day before my wedding they wouldnt blow my balloons up. Wen they told me they would for free(lies). I forgot my receipt but they pull it up thur my email address to see I did buy them there then she told me they would charge me $1.19 per balloons. 24 balloons. Never again will I spend any more my money there. Party city Albany,Ga.old Dawson Rd.

Review №48

Great location, well stocked, clean and orderly, friendly staff, short wait time in line, great selection of items

Review №49

Everything u need. From partys, birthdays an Weddings. Lot an lots of choices. Love it.

Review №50

2 registers open! 30 people in line! No joke!

Review №51

I had a very nice experience in this store. The staff was courteous and helpful even though I had 56 little items for goodie bags and had the line backed up the staff kept their cool! Lol!

Review №52

We come here once a month for treat jar supplies for my toddler. When we first began the tradition nearly 2 years ago, this place was full of life and meticulously kept. Service and cleanliness has deteriorated a bit. This week on our outing, everything was a mess.... Nobody greeted us or spoke to us at all for the half hour or so we were in there and the cashier was just meh. Store was empty and staff was kinda standing around. Didnt feel like a party store.

Review №53

Great service...needs more items in stock and prices are ridiculously high

Review №54

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! Went to this store on 6/20/19. The had a section of summer water items on clearance. The store was in complete chaos. The back of the store has sun glasses scatted all over the floor and had to turn around because the buggy wouldn’t fit by it. Several items in the regular section did not have price tags and not in correct spots. After my shopping experience, I went to checkout. None of the clearance items were ringing up correct. The cashier told me they were not on sale. I told her where I got them from and she asked me to go check. I went and verified, and she then requested me to go back and look at the original price. I told her I was handicapped and I couldn’t keep going back and forth. She just stared at me. I apologized to the people behind me, and they said no problem that it wasn’t my fault. I went back and took a picture of the clearance item. Came back and showed it to her then she stated she would have to call a manager. The manager comes, and explains to me that it should ring up the correct price and sale prices came in blue. I told her that wasn’t my problem. I requested that her, or an associate, go to that section and verify. Which they never did. So, once again i explain that I’m handicapped and could they go verify that I’ve already been over there two additional times. Once again, blank stares. So, I walk back over there and take pictures of every item I bought. Then the manager attempts to take 20cents off the items. Excuse me, here is the price tag showing the items half price or lower. I was extremely polite, as well as my 4 year old grandson who was talking to everyone. The associate and manager could have cared less to help me. I’ll go back in today to get names. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

Review №55

Great prices, plenty of product, quick service...

Review №56

Just looking around no customer and wondering why and how they can kerp the doors open. Major chains have that ability to keep them open for write offs and supplement monies from other locations.

Review №57

Good choice of costume and theme items. It is a little pricey, but you can get some great deals with coupons and sales.

Review №58

Usually has what we need, but takes a while to find it. Very unorganized when you get to the back of the store. Though there are signs showing what is in that 3 foot area, there is absolutely no pattern of general items in a isle or row. Its very confusing. Usually get what I need though. During holloween, this place can get hectic. People are everywhere, which is understandable because this is the only decent costume shop in Albany. But last costume I got for my brother was missing half of the components, so we went back in the store and it took 40 mins to find the other parts, and they didnt even find it. They just gave us whole other package. All the costumes my brother wanted originally were sold out or not in stock. So we had to settle for one that he barely liked. If you hate balloons, dont go here. Balloons are constantly being blown up or popped and yes, it does make that horrid noise throughout the store when theyre blowing one up. Overall, its decent, but has alot of room for improvement.

Review №59

Bad customer service and party planner was rude! No Halloween spirit at all,if you cant be happy go home!

Review №60

Great customer service by the female manager

Review №61

Great place to get all your kids birthday party needs.

Review №62


Review №63

Cluster of a mess, poor management.

Review №64

Im in love with this place! So much to choose from. . .

Review №65

Awesome got just what I wanted.

Review №66

First time there and last time! Incountered very rude girl at the register. I had around $200 in my buggy went up to the counter to put my purchase up no other customers there. I started putting on the counter a couple walked up behind me the girl told me they where there first she did this too me twice. My honest opuopin she was a racest person when confronted by her she threatened me and said she was about to lose her job.

Review №67

Great selections for my sisters birthday party. Helpful staff!

Review №68

Great assortment of costumes.

Review №69

Good clearance when you can catch it

Review №70

I found what I was looking for and the customer service was good.

Review №71

Great for everything from Parties to school projects....

Review №72

This store is a mess! Wouldnt be surprised if it closes soon. Total disappointment. Dirty, disorganized. Typical Albany mess

Review №73


Review №74

I was able to get items for a masquerade ball.

Review №75

Fully stocked with everything i needed. Staff was knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №76

I love party City it has the best things

Review №77

Prices are high and customer service could be better.

Review №78

For some reason i wasnt impressed. It kinda sucked.

Review №79

Always found what we wanted.

Review №80

Fast friendly service

Review №81

Have all your party needs!

Review №82

All the right supplies for a special birthday

Review №83

I love all the cute stuff they have here!!!

Review №84


Review №85

Over priced.

Review №86

Registers do not clarify to purchase balloon packs before inflation causing multiple people to stand in line for no reason

Review №87

The store is very organized.

Review №88

First time visiting that particular location; smaller than others and they were out of several items.

Review №89

I didnt go to Party City, I went to PetSmart.

Review №90

Fast and friendly staff, a little bit of everything

Review №91

I don’t know if the corporate office is aware that store # 863 is very lazy, very unorganized, to many chefs, and employees are confused about what to do because there are two managers that are family members work at that store and treating everyone like they know what there doing and they don’t because lack of management

Review №92

Lots of variety with affordable prices

Review №93

Good store but they stay low on staff, so service can be slow at times.

Review №94

They have every color and type of generic party supplies but some stuff is seasonal. Order online if youre planning any kind of themed party

Review №95

Got some good deals

Review №96

So lit

Review №97

Outdated and no lock on the womens restroom.

Review №98

Love to shop here

Review №99

My party store who supplies all of my party needs!

Review №100

Everything is cheap except the prices. Its all over priced junk.

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