The most powerful Power Bank 220v or how to assemble a Li-Ion Battery for a bicycle, screwdriver, etc.

how to assemble lithium-ion battery for any voltage and current how long and drink or gyroscrew screwdriver or solar batteries or heavy duty cook bank for assemblies usually use liteon its cells and 18,650 from samsung on aliexpress they are sold at 100 rubles apiece I have been using them for quite some time well established even in fierce frost the battery sprinkled a little snow with us even did a crash test of these batteries and they showed themselves worthy the manufacturer took care of our security so they don’t smell just so now the fun part is how to get the necessary voltage in battery using such cells on in fact, everything is quite simple with series voltage cumulative i.e. if we use one battery we will have voltage 3,7 this is the average voltage of one cell if two is already respectively voltage will be 7.2 volts and so on maybe 34 solder at least a hundred pieces as connect them in series yes all very simple like a flashlight before inserted batteries 1 for 1 1 2 3 plus the first battery we swim minus 2 to plus 2 soldered minus 3 and so then we connect them as much as we need a wall up to 36 volts there and respectively connect 10 pieces if on given 48 volts thought is responsible we connect 13 pieces if we need to a screwdriver let’s say 12 volts then we enough of three pieces here on the example of this batteries we see that in the minus of this battery for the price of plus next van so snake stand one by one in this battery specific 14 pieces after of how we gained the right tension we we will collect the capacity we need one cell gives 2600 milliamps if we need a large capacity we can insert two cells and connecting them in parallel then we will no longer succeed 2605 200 that is, we will increase capacity now we move from words to deeds in practice it is convenient to do using such plastic mounts they are going to be a constructor of lego pluses minus terminals and collect the base, insert According to the colors, the battery and on the other hand, we also fix with the same plastic and clamp with checks like this the battery turned out 12 volts somewhere five thousand ampere hours what we need for a screwdriver skewer batteries with a loved one explosive and everything is just red plus sign for black except everything is going to as a children’s designer yes, just going and getting pleasure   here we had 36 volts am it expand add capacitance voltage class is what you need for an electric bike eighty four pieces four kilogram 113 grams is not so heavy thousand especially consider what’s there the capacity is simply huge and batteries just stick together hot glue it is reliable although it does not look so beautiful there are two ways to connect these batteries contact welding and soldering I use soldering since this method relatively simple if a little get used to something you can achieve not good enough quality overheating batteries but if you you want to connect the batteries by welding I know that this method is not so simple as it seems at first glance and have to ruin a single battery before you learn quality weld and not chew about like an egg friends we have a contest together with the channel anton razor we will play electric scooter we bring him a little tuning and now he sent to the channel of the rhythm antones where it will be played according to the conditions contest you need to go to the channel Anton and subscribe and then in one of the series to play it among cryosauna subscribers the link is in the description under the video on channel you can see flights on fighter yacht trip nge climbing elbrus interviews with famous people the channel will soon be played car audi a6 therefore subscribe to the channel for reliable soldering it is important that the soldering iron was massive enough to make it easy and quickly spilled contact if the soldering iron whether it will be small thin very warm very slowly and the battery will be very hot and may go bad in order to tin well grabbed instead of rosin use soldering acid but you need be careful to apply very small a drop on the contact so that the spray does not hit the insulator cross-section jumper should be enough to withstand only one cell is about 5 amperes but they are too fat to burn out like fuse case emergency circuit and then it turns out solder the tip to it disconnector and now we’ve gotten to the very a private question how to connect this I want a balancer and protection board right away warn do not try out users of free protection you have it dies quickly and during charging may light up lancer should be timed exactly the same voltage as the batteries and the maximum current that can withstand it’s better to take my electric bike in reserve consumes a maximum of 17 amperes but I’ll take balancers at 45 as the Chinese often exaggerate the parameters for we started connect the protection circuit for this you need negative wire from the battery which we just gathered cut or it gap solder to the board part of the wire which comes from the battery to p minus and that part of the wire that goes to the consumer to charge kc minus everything now our battery will not explode you can sleep well after that we connect the balancing circuit it is necessary so that the charge is evenly distributed over all cells 1 right dock on the balancer the connector is usually placed in black we connect it to the minus of our battery the second posting plus the first the battery in our battery is 3 to plus 2 and so on until the postings run out and in order not to get confused on the balancer itself or the site has a connection diagram the Chinese sent me just huge number of batteries and why do you think there are so many of them we need everything we just want to do scientific and technical expedition to testing e-bikes at a very long distances today we put together three powerful batteries and tomorrow set off for a thousand kilometers on Black Sea and now I will show you how the battery turn this electric bike into over powerful powerbank is for this you just need to solder a socket to it at 220 practice showed that most consumers who are as if calculated at 220 volts work normally from 48 volt it works because modern consumers make multi standard i.e. calculated by voltage in different countries but because the tank led the battery is big then the laptop from it can work for a whole week and at the same time didn’t even discharge the battery to the end now everyone has a bicycle so powerful powerbank you think the gas generator is the same tension is relatively safe i like like a castle he heats up just calls as if needle you many suffer next the question is how to charge these batteries especially this huge one order there on aliexpress already ready-made charging can be used a laboratory power supply voltage is set about him the charger can do it yourself By the way, there are a few tricks with a charge if you want to pass a resource batteries there they are not up to charge the end also can not discharge them to end but there is a reverse life hack if you charge a little higher to 4 point three tenths of a volt then its capacity grow significantly it is very convenient when you need to drive a long distance on one charge do not forget the case you can make it yourself or buy it ready I decided to do a super charge able to charge electric bikes for I took a few minutes as a basis compact welding inverter and up to winding on its transformer two turns to the voltage rose and we could charge 48 volt battery threw a capacitor to smooth ripple ripple turned out to be too strong so the parallels are somewhat high impedance capacitors and all earned a welder shakes kilowatts and three batteries at once gets hot from continuous operation but thermal protection does not work, but gives out 37 amperes it’s almost at the very minimum our wella expedition we plan to stop for a snack every 150 kilometers and batteries as time should have time to charge during food do you think will withstand electric saws sultry heat steep mountain serpentines and torrential rains