Recondition Laptop Battery – How to Recondition Laptop Battery

in a matter of minutes the battery was back to life just like new my wife and I could hardly contain our excitement and just like that our nightmare was over our problem was solved and that simple method just saved us $180 but that was just the tip of the iceberg because our mind started racing we had many other types of dead batteries lying around our home in fact and a whole drawer filled with dead batteries so when we got home we started collecting every dead battery we could find we tried the simple battery reconditioning methods on them that Frank taught me had one after another each battery came back to life again just like new a dead drill battery a dead laptop battery an old cell phone battery an old boat battery long life batteries and a box of old rechargeable batteries one after the other they’re all back to 100% of their original working condition again and each battery we recondition was saving us $10 here $7 there $40 here even $180 for the marine battery and since this day we’ve saved thousands of dollars because we haven’t had to buy one new battery for our family’s electronics devices or vehicles I also have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that if batteries and my family’s essential electronics vehicles or devices ever die during a critical time like in a power outage I can easily bring those batteries back to life again in a matter of minutes so we’re never without important even life-saving devices when we need them most not just that for years my wife and I had wanted to use solar panels to lower our power bills and become more energy-independent we’d begun buying solar panels for our home but the thing that was holding us back from completing our system was the cost of the battery bank which costs thousands of dollars but in my research I found out that golf cart batteries are actually some of the best and most popular batteries you can use for a solar panel system because of their deep cycle properties so the following day I asked my boss if I could have some of our dead golf cart batteries when I did he just looked at me a little strange and said take all you like and that night I was able to recondition these and build a battery bank for my solar panel system with a bunch of batteries I got for free these deep-cycle golf cart batteries have worked perfect for my family’s solar panel system since then and reconditioning and using these batteries instead of buying new expensive solar panel batteries save my wife and I thousands of dollars not just that because we were able to build a solar panel system much larger than we ever thought possible because we were able to build the entire battery bank for free we’ve been able to lower our power bill by more than 75 percent each month and some months we’re actually able to eliminate our power bill entirely shortly after this family members and friends were basically begging to know my secret and when I started showing them how to bring old batteries back to life again they were shocked and amazed how effective and easy it was some of them still had a hard time believing these simple methods would work on their dead batteries but after I gave them the simple instructions and they tried it out on their dead batteries they quickly became believers soon my family and friends were telling their friends and it got to