Prolong The Life Of Your Hybrid Car Battery – Wrenchin’ Up

well write to 2017 vision conflict in Kansas City and I and then the prolonged battery systems group and they have got away to it then the life of your hybrid electric vehicle that’s coming right up [Music] all right well hybrid vehicles have been out there for quite a while and the batteries got some time on them now we need to think about maybe extending the life making them last a little bit longer and and this is just alone and he is the owner of prolonged battery systems and he has got a project you just got a you just got to take a look at so yep tell us all about how this works yeah absolutely so we we manufacture products that extend the life of hybrid vehicle batteries and what we basically have is kind of a charging component and a discharging component and when used together they will in a very safe controlled manner cycle the battery over a much wider range than the car ever will okay so this is the charging Sofia correct this is the charger not too heavy it kind of small and portable and so this can be taken like out to the vehicle and or correct yeah there’s a wire harness that gets installed on the vehicle it’s a one-time installation and then what happens is it connects to the hybrid battery you can see here we have a cutaway and then it also connects it plugs right in to the hybrid battery cooling fan and so then the other end of the harness terminates in the trunk of your vehicle so that you can safely and easily connect and disconnect in just a matter of a couple seconds oh that’s cool so now we can connect up to the battery and charge it up and then yep you said this was the discharge unit correct this is a brand new unit we’re releasing this in May of this year it’s a consumer-grade discharger and what it does will in the normal operating range of the battery will rapidly drain the battery and then as the battery drops below the normal operating range it automatically reduces the load to protect the battery throughout the process and it will drain down to whatever we have three different kind of steps that we go down kind of low and then lower and then low with and an in-between each discharge cycle you charge it back up and then that that cycling two or three cycles is what reconditioned the battery restores lost capacity improves the fuel economy you’ll get more easy mode if that’s available with the vehicle and then by doing this two or three times a year you can add several years of life to the hybrid vehicle battery okay so that you’re not really confused like I started to be confused a little bit so this is an actually a device that will discharge batteries right and then charge it back up you cycle that several times and that’s what prolongs or contends the life of de valois that’s pretty simple I guess I understand that this would be great okay so where do people get to stuff so we have our primary business is direct to consumer through our website hybrid automotive comm we also have a network of resellers throughout the US and even throughout the world we’re on four different continents for people who don’t want to install the harness themselves but would rather have a certified mechanic install the harness and then they can either go back to that service centre for ongoing service or then purchase the unit and do that ongoing service at home in the convenience of their own garage pretty awesome stuff huh a technology grant we need you guys to do check this stuff out