Makita 18v 1.5Ah BL1815 Battery Repair

let’s start disassembling the battery case is fastened with four bolts under the star   on the lower part is set shock gasket   check the voltage on each battery as seen in the second but equal to zero restore and we will not just replacing all batteries with new shoots 103 imper hour and control board in such Batteries connects Lyubil from Ordones owen and one balancing pin which already indicates the absence balancing options for each object separately that is a charger device monitors status 1 battery and A4 format hatch over time can spend imbalance of one or more batteries from this group in this case is completely discharged therefore, above having arranged 2 cameras connect the bms board 3m old battery   even   install and connect new ones batteries   money   him   chery   connect power or balancing conclusions to the board  apply thermal tape insulation quality   battery pack set the case looked and warmed wood screws   check the battery for charging device as expected the battery is not is charging makita battery control board has memory chips after battery out of order and are fixed by a chip and after replacing the banana protection is not dumped the presence of such a chip makes the battery disposable and protected from self repair replacement control board board available on aliexpress again we will analyze on the rise   well average long ships computers   new fruit differs in modification they are strong one rework with a soldering iron you she becomes analysis   speed   solder the conclusions of the board to the battery the block   check the battery charger device   charging completed successfully   the battery is ready for use on this all