hey your car guy bill de Bourgh over here at de Bourgh’s Auto I just want to make a quick video on hybrid batteries and battery replacement with a new one versus battery reconditioning so this is an expensive time you come to in your crossroads of owning a hybrid vehicle is when that battery fails and trying to decide what’s best for you and the vehicle and there’s a couple things to take into consideration you have two options really you can either buy a brand new Toyota battery and have it installed in the vehicle or you can recondition the battery that you have to bring it up to snuff so that it gets some more use and life out of it it also helps reduce the waste going into the environment by reconditioning the existing battery that you already have instead of scrapping that battery the the new Toyota batteries typically come with a one-year warranty but they usually cost twice as much as a reconditioned battery also the recondition battery comes with a two-year warranty so obviously you have the two years that its warranty for and then it’s a roll of the dice after that as far as the reconditioned battery goes but it also depends on your life cycle with the vehicle if you plan on keeping it another 10 years the new battery would probably be the option for you to go for so some important information we’re here to help you out in making those decisions we offer both services on hybrid electric vehicles here so head