How To Reconditioning Dead Batteries Ez Battery Reconditiong

in our family’s financial coffin the situation felt desperate and at this time I didn’t know much about batteries and just figure there wasn’t much I could do I thought batteries die and when they do you have to replace them with a new expensive so when we were left with the decision to either get a new car battery or use the last $200 in our bank account to purchase food to feed our children that week the decision was pretty easy so we left the mechanic shop in my wife’s car and shared rides for the next three weeks while I searched around to see if we had any other options besides buying a new expensive battery for my car I searched everywhere and talked to anyone who knew anything about batteries but it seemed like we had no other options I was devastated and just when things were starting to look hopeless I discovered the secret that finally changed everything for our family I met a man named Frank Thompson now I used to work for a golf cart company and often times we’d get in old golf carts and the used batteries and the golf carts would be completely dead so we’d have to take them out and replace them and by the end of each month would always have a huge collection of old dead batteries just lying around but like clockwork there used to be a man named Frank Thompson that would come by each month to collect the dead batteries we used to call Frank the battery man my manager had no clue why he always wanted our dead batteries he was just glad to get rid of them so they were out of our way but Frank must have known something about dead batteries that we didn’t otherwise why would he spend all of this time hauling them away for free so the following month when Frank came in again I nearly cornered him and asked him what he did with all of our old dead batteries i recondition them and sell them for a nice profit he said how do you do that I asked they’re completely dead he just smirked and said that’s my secret sorry pal I immediately started wondering if this would also work on my car’s dead battery so I asked if he knew how to recondition any other kinds of batteries besides dead golf cart batteries and when I asked that his eyes lit up and he proudly exclaimed I could recondition almost any kind of dead battery anything from car batteries to power tool batteries to laptop batteries to cell phone batteries to rechargeable batteries even solar power batteries deep-cycle marine battery Zinn forklift batteries plus a whole lot more right away I knew this was the solution I was looking for I could hardly contain myself and basically begged Frank to teach me his battery reconditioning methods he had a busy day it was a little reluctant at first but luckily Frank is a really good guy when I explained my situation he gave in and in the next 30 minutes he showed me exactly how to recondition several types of batteries using just a couple simple steps to be honest I was pretty shocked at how fast and easy it was I was thinking it was gonna be something technical time-consuming or hard but nope it really couldn’t be easier and not just that to recondition these batteries he only used a couple inexpensive things that most people already have sitting around in their kitchen or garage so right when work ended that day I rushed to my wife’s work to pick her up because we were still sharing her car at this point and we headed straight to the mechanic shop where my car and its dead battery were still at immediately when we arrived I ran over to my car tried the method Frank taught me for car batteries and