Green Bean Battery – Our Hybrid Battery Reconditioning Process

creating a reliable reconditioned hybrid battery is what sets green-bean battery apart from everyone else we take all the old batteries back the course so when we take the battery out of your vehicle we bring it back to the warehouse one of our two reconditioning facilities it gets completely disassembled all the the battery cells go through that process on our equipment where we exercise them that restores capacity to the cells then they go through some more testing where we actually want to determine things about the modules that we’re gonna use whether it’s the capacity of the power of the module and then once they go through that testing we do some more organizing grading because we want to group those those strong modules together and get rid of the rest and then they go through a final charge and then some final testing then we build the rest of the battery around the cells all the other good block of cells we build the rest about it around it and that usually include reconditioned ECU depending on what type of battery it is the upgraded nickel bus bars the wiring harness is inside will recondition those or we build new harnesses depending on what we need to do and then then the rest of it gets assembled it gets the labels and then it’s ready to go we’ve actually developed our own the process and our own equipment we build our own equipment in-house to recondition the batteries and it does the exact process we want it to so we’re certain we can tell you we’re the only ones that do it the way we do it because it’s our machines that we build looking to extend the life of your hybrid vehicle with a reconditioned battery and get to know green-bean battery