Cheap Car Batteries: Reliable And Affordable

car batteries

A car battery is the power house of an automobile because without it, you won’t have any power source for all the electrical systems in your vehicle. This includes the ignition system. We all know that in a standard car, there is always a single lead-acid SLI battery that supplies power to the starter, lights and ignition system. When the battery is dead, your car won’t start and you will not be able to arrive at your destination with your car and you will in most cases be late.

If you want to minimize delay and the cost of calling a mechanic, you should definitely buy some cheap car batteries and keep at least one in your trunk as spare so that you can use replace it quickly in case your car broke down because of a dead battery.

Cheap Car Batteries – How To Choose One That Will Last Reasonably Long

Before we start choosing the best cheap car batteries, we should learn a thing or two about car batteries in generally. Car batteries are greatly influenced by the changing climatic conditions. There are different ratings given to different types of batteries to meet a specific weather condition. Did you know that cold temperatures will lower the amount of power a battery can output?

They are usually made up of six cells and each of them will give a voltage of 2.2v when fully charged. So when the car battery is fully charged, you will get a total voltage of 13.2v. A drop in the level of the electrolyte will substantially reduce the power of the battery and this usually happens when sulfur collects on the lead plates of the battery.

For a car battery to work, the plates of lead and lead oxide are submerged in a sulphuric acid or water solution. Since car batteries are designed for very high current, shallow discharges, such as starting the car where supply enormous current surges of hundreds of Amps are needed to start the engine. It will then immediately receive a rapid recharge from the car’s alternator. So, if your car battery is regularly discharged to less than 80% capacity, it will be damaged and its capacity will go down.

It is important to note that car batteries are usually lead-acid batteries with a solution of water and sulfuric acid so they must be treated as hazardous waste and should not to be thrown away like your regular household waste. The best way to dispose of them is to take them to an auto mechanic garage or recycling plant that is outfitted to handle them for disposal. Alternatively, you can also return them to where you purchased your new car battery.

If you’re planning to replace your dead battery a cheap car battery, you need to make sure that you at least wear a pair of long-sleeved rubber gloves and preferably a pair of safety goggles to protect yourself from the corrosive acid that can eat and burn your skin.