Car Battery Repair After Sitting 10 Years: How To (Basic Home Products !!!)

you so here we are pretty much out in the bog well anyway I stumbled across this truck it’s pretty interesting it’s like a little shorty deal so you know it’s painted in military colors and it looks like something that would have been in an airfield to pull planes around maybe I’m sure it’s I’m sure it tops out at like 50 miles an hour but pretty neat I’ve never actually seen one of these in person but anyway it’s unlocked and get that out of the way and the keys in it so I think I’m going to go ahead and try and make this rig run we’ll see what happens it’s been sitting here looks like a really really long time so the door could use a little help there that’s for sure there we go so take a look under the hood when you figure out how to open it mom head looks like a 300 inline six powered by Ford single-barrel carburetor got the weeds growing all up inside of it I saw something on diesel fading a battery so I’m not going to try and light this thing off without spending a dime so I might pull the carburetor out and spray it out and I’ll probably rig up a gas can but anyway I’m going to try and desulfation so I need to get it out of here and I’ll pour all the acid out and then we’ll use some Epsom salt and put it on a charger to see if it’ll live again so it should be interesting to see but with that we’ll do that trick and we’ll get to this truck so for now let’s get that battery out and see if we can bring that battery back to life I’m sure it’s been sitting here for at least five ten years okay here we have that battery that I pulled out that old truck and I pop the caps off and as you can see the acid is still up to level but I mean the battery sat for a really long time I tried to charge it in a wouldn’t charge so we’re going to try to do the Epsom salt deal on it and see if that’ll work be sulfate the battery I guess it’s called so anyway go ahead pour this out careful not to get this on your hands or close with battery acid probably can’t see it like I can but looking in here there’s a fair amount of corrosion built up so it’s kind of what happens on a battery sit so we’ll go ahead and add our salt solution see if it’ll clean it up but anyway that’s where we are as of now alright so here we have our Epsom salt solution and I have two more containers it should take about four of these but I have about thirty to forty percent of this Epsom salt dissolved in here so quite a darn bit as you can see it’s real cloudy so the idea with this stuff is you put it in you put the battery on really low trickle charge for like three to four or five days and if it’ll have the charges back up then you know it worked you know and again you only do this with batteries that you know won’t charge so it’s kind of like a really interesting thing because this you know you could grab a battery that been sitting around for twenty years like this trucks been sitting out there I talks on the other day for you know about ten years they’ve just kind of moved it around with the forklift so I guess pulled it around and lift it up but anyway so it’ll be a good test to see if this works on this battery here so you know there’s no real exact science to it just fill one cell move to the next so we’ll probably add some more of this at some point I’m just going to fill them all the way up to the top I feel like that can’t hurt anything so like I said you’re not supposed to leave this stuff in after you do this that’s not the point of it that’s kind of what a lot of people do I saw online so after I did my own research I found that’s not quite correct but uh anyway we’ll just try and get charged up we’ll try and light the truck off with this solution see what happens so I’m going to get doing this will slap it on a trickle charge at two amp and we’ll just have to see alright so we’ve had our battery on our charger for a couple of days now it took about a day for it to actually start accepting a charge but now it’s doing good and again you want to run on trickle charge so we’ve been sitting at two amp these chargers that are old like this is some charger from the 70s or something that has a 6 volt option these are really the best ones to use because they they overcharge the battery they’re not smart chargers so they’ll just keep putting charge to the battery until you disconnect it and you really want to overcharge these batteries to get the whole diesel fading action going on you know at least that’s my understanding of it but anyway it’s doing pretty good obviously I have the battery outside here so that uh you know if anything were to happen it would blow up nothing would go wrong and I left the caps a little pop because it’s going to get hot and the water is going to expand and I can see that some did indeed run out so anyway I’m going to hook up our meter here and we’re going to see just so it’s sitting at but I’ve already checked it so I know we’re pretty good in the beginning it had like when I hooked it to the charger it literally had like there’s no voltage like whatsoever couldn’t even get a reading so this is pretty impressive so anyway I’m gonna get this all hooked up and we’ll take a look alright so here we have our battery and it’s charging pretty good we’re up to you know you can see our voltage there we’re well over 12 volts so I think today I’m going to try and put in that old truck out there and then see if the truck itself will crank over but um as far as this goes I think we brought the battery back well enough to try and use it so anyway that’s pretty impressive so I guess if you ever it’s the end of the world and you know you’re left on your own for years and years I guess you can use old batteries this way so it’s pretty impressive anyway we’re going to get everything unhooked unplugged get these push back down we’ll take it out to the truck and see if we can light her off so anyway there you have it